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Image used for the Loremaster's Archive until the Imperial City DLC was released

The Loremaster's Archive is a series created by ZeniMax alongside the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. The series focuses on revealing new lore books, and various lore-related questions are answered by prominent authors or entities of Tamriel and beyond. These characters were played by the game's loremasters, which in order are Lawrence Schick, Leamon Tuttle, and Michael Zenke. The series can be found on the official ESO website.

Loremaster's Archives used to be answered by mailing in questions. This has been retired in favor of questions being answered on the game's official forums, where related threads occasionally happen.

The series has a total of 53 installments, 48 of which involved a Q&A:

  • Lawrence Schick wrote a total of 44 Loremaster's Archives during his tenure as Loremaster, 39 which involved a Q&A. He was succeeded by Leamon Tuttle. It is unconfirmed if everything listed under the books subsection were written by Schick, but these books are supplementary materials included to read alongside the Archive. Some were written before the Q&A came out, while others were written for the Archive and were later added into the game. Some have yet to be added into the game.
  • Leamon Tuttle wrote a total of 2 Loremaster's Archive Q&As during his tenure as Loremaster. He was succeeded by Michael Zenke.
  • Michael Zenke has written a total of 7 Loremaster's Archive Q&As so far during his tenure as Loremaster.

Since the House Telvanni Loremaster's Archive entry was published on March 26, 2023, the context of the interviews has shifted, with the University of Gwylim being the in-universe host. Specifically, The Arcanists Loremaster's Archive entry from May 24, 2023 revealed that the interviews are being hosted by Gabrielle Benele.

List of ArticlesEdit

Article Name Published Author Interviewees Books Questions & Answers
Scribing 2024/06/13 Michael Zenke Votary Nahlia - Loremaster's Archive - Scribing
Malacath and Maelstrom 2024/03/07 Michael Zenke Madam Whim - Loremaster's Archive - Malacath and Maelstrom
Infinite Archive 2023/10/27 Michael Zenke Master Malkhest - Loremaster's Archive - Infinite Archive
The Arcanists 2023/05/24 Michael Zenke Azandar al-Cybiades - Loremaster's Archive - The Arcanists
House Telvanni 2023/03/14 Michael Zenke Divayth Fyr - Loremaster's Archive - House Telvanni
The Druid Circles of Galen 2022/10/27 Michael Zenke Laurel of the Stonelore - Loremaster's Archive - The Druid Circles of Galen
Tamriel's Dungeons 2022/08/25 Michael Zenke Dhulef - Loremaster's Archive - Tamriel's Dungeons
Bretons & High Isle 2022/06/14 Michael Zenke Lady Arabelle - Loremaster's Archive - Bretons & High Isle
Mehrunes Dagon & Daedra in the Second Era 2021/05/11 Leamon Tuttle Lyranth - Loremaster's Archive - Mehrunes Dagon & Daedra in the Second Era
Dragons in the Second Era 2019/11/01 Leamon Tuttle Camilla Calsivius - Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the Second Era
Murkmire Q&A Part 2 2018/11/29 Lawrence Schick Jee-Lar - Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A Part 2
Murkmire Q&A 2018/10/25 Lawrence Schick Jee-Lar - Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A
Cradle of Shadows 2016/07/28 Lawrence Schick Dranos Velador From the Journal of Dranos Velador, Field Captain of the Silken Ring  -
The Ruins of Mazzatun 2016/07/19 Lawrence Schick Drendisa Vedran Taken from an Interview with Retired Dark Elf Archaeologist, Drendisa Vedran  -
Messages from Hew's Bane 2 2016/02/04 Lawrence Schick Walks-Softly, Kari Coin-Counter, Velsa, Zeira, Thrag, Andarri In Defense of Prince Hubalajad Members of the Hew's Bane Thieves Guild Answer Your Questions
Messages from Hew's Bane 2016/01/29 Lawrence Schick Walks-Softly and Nicolas From a Copy for the Archive  -
The Maelstrom Arena - Part Two 2015/10/30 Lawrence Schick Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Memory Book, Part 2 Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions 2
The Maelstrom Arena - Part One 2015/10/19 Lawrence Schick Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Memory Book, Part 1 Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions
Imperial Sewers 2015/10/02 Lawrence Schick Mycaelis Julus and the Rat Imperial Architect's Correspondence Mycaelis Julus Answers Your Questions
Nobles' Fashionable Attire 2015/09/18 Lawrence Schick Lady Eloisse Clothier: Light Armor Basics Lady Eloisse Answers Your Questions
Modern and Historical Riding Mounts 2015/09/04 Lawrence Schick Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq Legend of the Yokudan Chargers Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq Answers Your Questions
Archeology and Races of Tamriel 2015/08/24 Lawrence Schick Lady Clarisse Laurent and Stibbons The Salas En Expedition Lady Clarisse Laurent Answers Your Questions
Politics and the Imperial City 2015/08/10 Lawrence Schick Chancellor Abnur Tharn House Tharn of Nibenay Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions 2
Effects of the Daedric Invasion 2015/07/24 Lawrence Schick Gabrielle Benele The Black Forge, The Order of the Black Worm Gabrielle Benele Answers Your Questions
Crafting and Woodworking 2015/07/10 Lawrence Schick Pacrooti Selected Letters from Pacrooti Master Assistant Materials Acquirer Pacrooti Answers Your Questions
Resistance in the Imperial City 2015/06/26 Lawrence Schick Drake of Blades Crumpled Arena Flyer, Legacy of the Dragonguard The Drake of Blades Answers Your Questions
An Interview with Haskill 2015/06/12 Lawrence Schick Chamberlain Haskill Cheeses of Tamriel Chamberlain Haskill Answers Your Questions
Courting Practices in Tamriel 2015/05/29 Lawrence Schick Sibyl Augustine Viliane The Hist's Fire Augustine Viliane Answers Your Questions
Rituals of the Divines 2015/05/15 Lawrence Schick Bishop Artorius Ponticus Nine Commands of the Eight Divines Artorius Ponticus Answers Your Questions
Ranks and Hierarchy of the Daedra 2015/05/01 Lawrence Schick Lyranth Oath of a Dishonored Clan Lyranth the Foolkiller Answers Your Questions
All Things Guar 2015/04/17 Lawrence Schick Esqoo Morrowind Fauna, Part One Esqoo of Dhalmora Answers Your Questions
Questions for the Moth Sister 2015/04/03 Lawrence Schick Moth Sister Terran Arminus - Moth Sister Terran Arminus Answers Your Questions
Songs of the Stars 2015/03/23 Lawrence Schick High Astrologer Caecilus Bursio Songs of the Stars‎  High Astrologer Caecilus Bursio Answers Your Questions
A Loathsome Civilization 2015/03/06‎ Lawrence Schick Telenger the Artificer A Loathsome Civilization‎ Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions 2
On the Nature of Reachmen 2015/02/27 Lawrence Schick Arthenice Belloq On the Nature of Reachmen  Arthenice Belloq Answers Your Questions
The Slave Rebellion 2015/02/06 Lawrence Schick Chancellor Abnur Tharn The Slave Rebellion – Man's Triumph  Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions
Trail and Tide 2015/01/23 Lawrence Schick Moon Bishop Hunal Trail and Tide Moon Bishop Hunal Answers Your Questions
Reman II: The Limits of Ambition 2015/01/09 Lawrence Schick King Emeric and Regina Troivois Reman II: The Limits of Ambition High King Emeric Answers Your Questions
Re-forging the Past 2014/12/19 Lawrence Schick Kireth Vanos Re-forging the Past  Kireth Vanos Answers Your Questions
Undaunted – A Life of Glory 2014/12/05 Lawrence Schick Turuk Redclaws Undaunted: A Life of Glory  Turuk Redclaws Answers Your Questions
From Argonian to Saxhleel 2014/11/07 Lawrence Schick Vicecanon Heita-Meen From Argonian to Saxhleel  Heita-Meen Answers Your Questions
Y'ffre's Beckoning 2014/10/24 Lawrence Schick Gwaering Y'ffre's Beckoning  Gwaering Answers Your Questions
Thwarting the Daedra 2014/10/13 Lawrence Schick Flaminius Auctor Thwarting the Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon Flaminius Auctor Answers Your Questions
Response to Citizen Inquiries 2014/09/26 Lawrence Schick Aicantar of Shimmerene Response to Citizen Inquiries Aicantar of Shimmerene Answers Your Questions
Glorious Upheaval 2014/09/12 Lawrence Schick Thendaramur Death-Blossom Glorious Upheaval Thendaramur Death-Blossom Answers Your Questions
The Interpreted Soul 2014/08/29 Lawrence Schick Abbot Crassius Viria The Interpreted Soul The Abbot Crassius Viria Answers Your Questions
Introduction to Aedric Studies 2014/08/15 Lawrence Schick Phrastus of Elinhir Introduction to Aedric Studies, Daedra Worship: The Chimer Phrastus of Elinhir Answers Your Questions
Zakhin's Many Heroes 2014/08/01 Lawrence Schick The Unveiled Azadiyeh Zakhin's Many Heroes , Plea for Open Eyes The Unveiled Azadiyeh Answers Your Questions
A Trader's Eye for Fashion 2014/07/21 Lawrence Schick Madam Firilanya A Trader's Eye for Fashion , Dream Journal of Firilanya  -
Words and Power 2014/07/03 Lawrence Schick Telenger the Artificer Words and Power, Enigma of the Runestones Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions
Inexplicable Patron 2014/06/20 Lawrence Schick Divayth Fyr Inexplicable Patron: Mephala, Vivec and Mephala Divayth Fyr Answers Your Questions
An Accounting of Werewolves 2014/06/06 Lawrence Schick Sage Svari An Accounting of Werewolves , The Legend of Fallen Grotto Sage Svari Answers Your Questions
Mysteries of the Mundus Stones 2014/05/23 Lawrence Schick Lady Cinnabar of Taneth Mysteries of the Mundus Stones , Aetherial Fragments Lady Cinnabar Answers Your Questions
Undead in Tamriel 2014/05/09 Lawrence Schick Phrastus of Elinhir Unhallowed Legions, The Consecrations of Arkay, Noxiphilic Sanguivoria -

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