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A Colossus

The Dwarven Colossus (or Dwarven Colossi in plural) is a giant automaton of Dwemer design. They are a very powerful, and are larger and more robust than Centurions. They possess blades on one arm and a cannon on the other. They can be found in few dwemer ruins, such as the assembly lines of Bthungthumz.

Colossi were studied by Sotha Sil and one could be found in his study in the island of Artaeum. A group of Undaunted adventurers encountered one when they accompanied Divayth Fyr into a portal that opened in his home of Tel Fyr that led to a sector of the Clockwork City known as the Halls of Fabrication. It was a reprocessing facility where Sotha Sil broke down dwemer automatons, and the AI known as the Assembly General took control of a refabricated Dwarven Colossus, which the Undaunted adventurers then had to defeat.[1] The Morag Tong assassin known as Naryu as well as her Warden companion Boldekh encountered one in the Mundan ruins when she was chasing after the former Morag Tong guild master who went rogue. The assassin and the Warden then defeated the Colossus and Naryu was able to complete her Writ of Execution.[2]

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