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Lore:Dragonstar Arena

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Dragonstar Arena
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Appears in ESO
Dragonstar Arena

Dragonstar Arena (known in the past by many other names, including Skyrim Arena and Valenwood Arena) is an inter-planar arena complex devoted to Boethiah. Although the entrance is located in a fixed position in Tamriel, portals within transport combatants to all manner of environments before ultimately ending up within Boethiah's realm of Oblivion.[1] The arena is an ancient Nordic ruin, but the entrance regularly changes location whenever competition in the area begins to falter.[2]

It is unknown how long the arena has been in existence for, although based on the small number of recorded champions it seems to have been established in the mid-Second Era. To become a champion of the arena, teams needed to reach the tenth round and defeat the previous champion. The first champion was Faithful Adrasa, who was bested by Biiri the Beautiful when the complex was known as the Valenwood Arena. The arena entrance later moved from Valenwood to Skyrim, where it was dominated by the fourth champion, Holgstad the Horrible.[3][2]

In 2E 582 it moved again, from Skyrim to the Upper Craglorn region of Hammerfell, high in the Dragontail Mountains. It was renamed the Dragonstar Arena, after the city of Dragonstar to the south. The arena's true nature was not made public, and combatants, spectators, and merchants all flocked to the ruins. Notable participants include Fighters Guild and Mages Guild members, Nords from Skyrim, Reachfolk clan Dragonclaws, House Dres slavers, Green Pact Bosmer, werewolves, and vampires. An Imperial Legion even entered into the arena, with plans to neutralize the region's strongest warriors so that the Empire could retake Craglorn.[1] The Mages Guild team was enslaved after falling in battle, and forced to fight alongside Dwemer Animunculi. All manner of beasts were similarly employed in the arena, including undead Anka-Ra warriors and victims of Corprus. Boethiah's Daedric servants also took part, such as Bloodwraith Dremora and Daedric Titans.[1] The sixth champion of the arena, a Dunmer named Hiath the Battlemaster,[3] was defeated by the Vestige.[1]

Steel-dipped spines of the fallen competitors' corpses were often presented to next of kin as a consolation prize or sold on the black market.[4] Audience members often bought souvenirs such as gaudy drinking vessels bearing the symbols of the arena.[5] At some point the Dragonstar Arena stopped accepting tokens. As of 2E 582 Dragonstar Arena tokens were considered a collector's item.[6]



  • An arena was present in the city of Dragonstar circa 3E 397,[7] although it likely bears no relation.

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