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Darloc Brae, the Golden Beast of Anequina

The Anequine Conquests were a period of military expansions conducted by the warlord Darloc Brae, the Golden Beast of Anequina, that took place in the fifth century of the First Era.[1][2]


During the course of the Anequine Conquests, Darloc Brae conquered all of Anequina, parts of Valenwood, and parts of Cyrodiil.[3][4][5] At the height of the Conquests, the borders of the Kingdom of Ne Quin-al extended to the Strid River and Crescent River in the west, with the stronghold of Khaj Rawlith and the Do'Krin Monastery being the westernmost points, and to Rimmen and the Larsius River in the east.[3][6][7] Darloc Brae conquered Leyawiin during this period, and Leyawiin was under Khajiiti control for more than twenty years as a result.[5][8] The Anequine Conquests are remembered by the Khajiit as a glorious period, with the loot from the Conquests being used to build the greatest of the Golden Beast's architectural projects.[6][9]


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