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"The people of Abagarlas serve me even in death! My devoted, kill them!" —Molag Bal
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Heartlands
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
The city of Abagarlas
The ruins of Lost Abagarlas circa 3E 433

Abagarlas (later Lost Abagarlas) was an Ayleid city located on the shores of Lake Rumare, on the northeast coast of City Isle.[1] A center of worship to the Daedric Prince of Domination Molag Bal, Abagarlas infamously came into conflict with the nearby Meridia-worshipping city of Delodiil.[2]


The grotto was once the site of a forgotten shrine to the Daedra lord Meridia, which was later uncovered by Ayleid settlers when the city was built.[3] In the late Merethic Era, at the height of Ayleid rule, Abagarlas was a wealthy city which prospered on account of its large population of mercenaries.[2] Located close by was the city of Delodiil, which was home to a glorious temple dedicated to the worship of Meridia, the Lady of Light. Growing envious of Delodiil's temple, King Anumaril of Abagarlas ordered the construction of a far more massive temple dedicated to Molag Bal. Although Anumaril's temple dwarfed Delodiil's, its design was crude and aesthetically displeasing, leaving Delodiil's people, including their king, Cenedelin, unimpressed. Hearing of Delodiil's dismissal of his temple enraged King Anumaril, and after profaning Abagarlas' small shrine to Meridia, he ordered the destruction of Delodiil and proclaimed that he would sacrifice its populace to Molag Bal.[2]

Anumaril, calling upon his dark master, was granted an army of undead and the knowledge to construct a weapon known as the Mortuum Vivicus, which would drain all life from Delodiil, and convert its citizens to undead servants of Molag Bal.[4] Meridia, knowing of Molag Bal and Anumaril's twisted plans, warned her subjects in Delodiil, and in response a small group of priests called the Knights of the Gleaming Blade were dispatched to Abagarlas to destroy the weapon. Upon reaching Abagarlas the knights tore a bloody swath through the city, putting both Anumaril's wife Queen Palolel and his son Prince Malyon to the sword. Soon, the priests successfully reached the Mortuum Vivicus, in time to stop the contraption's activation. However, Molag Bal pulled the device into Coldharbour before it could be entirely destroyed. After the knights fled the city, undead in tow, Meridia completely destroyed the city through divine lightning.[5]

Abagarlas was later buried beneath the earth by powerful roots, forcing its inhabitants to flee. According to ancient tablets within the ruins, this was due to Ayleid builders who had unearthed a statue to Meridia, Terror of the Most Terror, awakening her vengeance.[6] It is unknown how this event relates to the attack from Delodiil, though the "Meridia-child" mentioned in the tablets appears to refer to Ostarand, one of the knights who was responsible for the demise of the royal family.[3][7] Lost Abagarlas remained connected to the surface through a natural cave known as Sideways Cave.[8]

In 2E 582, the Fighters Guild led a small expedition to Abagarlas in an effort to learn of the threat the Vivicus posed, using magic to see into the past.[7] In 3E 433, the city's destruction became the subject of research for an Altmeri scholar, who was killed by monsters infesting the cave before he could finish his work. Several adventurers also entered the complex, many of whom met their fate within.[8]


  • Aba-Loria, meaning "Forbidden Darkness", was the name of the city's mortuary crypts. The ruins of these crypts can be found in Coldharbour, although it is unknown if they are the original structures or just a Daedric imitation. The mysterious ruins of Aba-Darre can be found nearby, although its link to Abagarlas is unknown.