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King Anumaril
Race Ayleid Gender Male

King Anumaril was an Ayleid arch-mage and king of Abagarlas, a city of Molag Bal worshippers in a deadly feud with the Meridia-worshipping people of Delodiil.[1] During the course of the war, Anumaril began preparations for a necromantic ritual, the Mortuum Vivicus, which would drain all life from Delodiil.[2] This prompted a daring raid by the Meridians, who were able to infiltrate Abagarlas, kill Anumaril's entire family, and destroy the city entirely.[3] Anumaril also supposedly ruled from the Temple of the Ancestors at some point.[4]

At some point, Anumaril created the Staff of Towers, a powerful artifact whose eight segments corresponded to one of the metaphysical Towers that shape the fabric of Nirn. Around the time of the Alessian Slave Rebellion, Anumaril gifted Filestis the Remnant of Light and told him to take it to "the cold sunset limit", where he was followed by Ayleid immigrants.[5] Following this, he fled to Valenwood.[6] Hailed as one of the greatest architects of the First Era, he was responsible for several constructions in the province, such as the Great Seal of Belarata and the archives in the Reliquary of Stars.[7]

One of his more notable creations was the Orrery at Elden Root. On his travels to the great tree, he found the Stone of the Green-Sap Tower, the Perchance Acorn, and tried to recreate the Tower of White-Gold. His attempt failed, due to a fundamental incompatibility between Ayleid and Bosmer magic and belief.[6] Anumaril produced an heir, Prince Malyon with his wife Queen Palolel.[8][9]


  • There is an artifact called the Heart of Anumaril, which "brought life" to the Orrery in Elden Root many years ago.[10] It was later used to imprison the Daedra Ukaezai in the Reliquary of Stars.[11]