The official map of Cyrodiil

General MapsEdit

Detailed MapsEdit

More detailed maps of specific locations are provided throughout the site on the appropriate articles. Specifically:

  • Each city and district of the Imperial City has a local map on its article.
  • Every individual cave and ruin has maps provided in its article. See Places for a list of all the caves and ruins.
  • Every Oblivion World has maps provided in its article. See Planes of Oblivion for a list of all Oblivion Worlds.
  • Quests that take place in quest-specific areas have maps provided in the quest article (e.g., Tears of the Savior).
  • Each individual ingredient article includes a map showing where that ingredient can be found.

Map RelatedEdit

  • Unmarked Roads—Useful information about the unmarked roads in the game.
  • Cyrodiil Map—A map with every map marker noted. It is not as detailed as the site map, but may be of use to offline players.
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