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C0DA is a graphic novel script written by Michael Kirkbride and set in the Fifth Era. The novel focuses on the end of the world, and rather than this resulting in the next Aurbic kalpa, the kalpic cycle also comes to an end. The setting for the novel is a science-fantasy evolution of the moon Masser, to which inhabitants of Nirn fled after an apocalyptic event called the Landfall.

Alongside the story, C0DA promotes the idea that the lore of the Elder Scrolls world is a collaborative, open-source fiction that is free to be interpreted, rewritten, and personalized by its reader. To that end, C0DA was launched alongside Tomorrowind Today, a website where people could submit their own stories.

A number of other stories by Kirkbride featured on the C0DA website are also considered part of the C0DA ethos, and are often termed "lowercase c0da". These include, among others, The Prophet of Landfall, Loveletter From The Fifth Era, and KINMUNE.


The ethos promoted by C0DA resulted in an ongoing controversy within the Elder Scrolls fanbase over what should be considered "canon" information in the Elder Scrolls universe.

On one side, C0DA's reinterpretations of the world and promotion of the lore as open-source fiction result in the view that everything set in the Elder Scrolls universe, from the content created by Bethesda, to C0DA and fan-created works, are all equally valid interpretations of the Elder Scrolls themes and ideas, and that there is therefore essentially no such thing as "Elder Scrolls canon".

On the other side, since ZeniMax Media Inc is the legal intellectual property holder of the franchise, this results in the view that everything that is not created or licensed by Bethesda and ZeniMax is solely fan-fiction or apocrypha, and therefore only the official content released by these parties should be considered "Elder Scrolls canon" even if the content is conflicting or goes against previously defined lore. Note that this is the stance taken by the UESP when considering things for documentation on the wiki.


The first letter of each word in the quote, along with the "zero", is, the C0DA website.

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