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Douglas Goodall
Role(s) Designer, writer
Years active 2001—2002 (sporadically after)
Alias(es) affamu[1]
Game credits The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind[2]

Douglas Goodall is a video game designer and writer who worked on Morrowind.[2]

The Elder ScrollsEdit

Goodall, fifth from top-left, with the Morrowind development team

Goodall joined Bethesda Softworks in January 2001[3][4] as a Junior Assistant Designer.[5] He was an emphatic fan of The Elder Scrolls with Arena and Daggerfall being his favorite games,[6] and was a regular of the newsgroup.[1] Goodall's work on Morrowind initially involved doing interiors in Ald'ruhn with Mark Nelson before moving on to quest design,[3] designing quests for most of the game's playable factions[3] based on outlines by Lead Designer Ken Rolston.[7] Shortly after Morrowind's release, Project Leader Todd Howard tasked Goodall and Nelson to devise ideas for the game's expansions, with Goodall pitching an idea for Tribunal (though he noted the final product was different from his concept).[1]

Goodall left Bethesda Softworks in June 2002.[3] According to Mark Nelson, he resigned immediately after storming out of an early design meeting for Tribunal in which he and Rolston had had a heated argument.[7] Goodall reflected that he had frequent disagreements with his seniors Rolston and Howard, but blamed himself for the unhappiness he experienced during his time in the company.[3]

During and after Morrowind's development, Goodall frequently posted to the Elder Scrolls forums, sometimes in-character as the Morrowind character Jobasha.[8] He has written several lore texts which were posted online but not featured in-game.[9]

In 2023, Goodall began releasing plug-ins for Morrowind and resumed writing unofficially for The Elder Scrolls, featuring texts in his plug-in AFFresh[10] and on the publishing platform Substack.[11]

Outside of The Elder ScrollsEdit

Goodall stated that he had played both pen-and-paper RPGs and CRPGs since he was seven years old.[6] Prior to his tenure at Bethesda, he worked as a programmer on a number of video games which were not released,[12] including a "joust-like thing" for the Apple II and a "half-written MUD server",[6] and his experiences in game development soured him on the industry.[3] After leaving video games, he started an IT support business, before a listing for Bethesda Softworks enticed him to return to game development.[3]

After leaving Bethesda Softworks, Goodall returned to IT support.[3] He was subsequently involved in the development of Fallen Earth[13] and had an uncredited role on the indie game Edge of Space.[14]

Texts authoredEdit


Indicates The Elder Scrolls titles

Video gamesEdit

Year Title Credit(s) Studio
2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Writing & Quest Design[2] Bethesda Softworks
2009 Fallen Earth Game Scripter
Game Designer[13]
Icarus Studios

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