Daggerfall:The Necromancers

Daggerfall: Factions

The Necromancers are the dark mirror of the Mages Guild, powerful magicka casters who are masters of the most corruptive and daedric of spells. Unlike the Mages Guild, they are devoted to a singular cause. But despite horror stories to the contrary, no one knows what this cause may be. Their goals and their activities are whispered about, but no one but a Necromancer knows for certain what they are. There's an old saying that when opposing the Necromancers, you fear what comes after death more than death itself. They are dangerous wizards, and it is best that the virtuous have little to do with them.

They are said to be led by a man they call the King of Worms. According to common rumor, he is thousands of years old and not aging at all.


The King of Worms