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This is a list of tips and tricks for first time players to The Elder Scrolls: Blades, to make your adventure a little bit easier.


Basic TipsEdit

  • You can play Blades in both portrait (vertical) mode and landscape (horizontal) mode.
    • If you decide to play in horizontal mode, you can either use "tap-to-move mode" or a virtual joystick.
    • Some devices will only allow you to utilise "tap-to-move mode" in vertical mode.
      • You should try out both versions to see what you prefer. There are settings to configure this as well.
  • All stats found in-game (such as damage and armor) are shown rounded up. This means that sometimes stats do not seem to add up correctly if looking at just the numbers seen in the game. The wiki articles show the real decimal numbers that are used.
  • To unlock the Abyss, talk to Theodor Gorlash.
  • To change your appearance, talk to Theodor Gorlash.
    • While you can change your appearance, you cannot rename yourself, so choose your name wisely!
  • Each race has bonuses for different skills.
  • Chests come in 5 different rarities: Wooden, Silver, Golden, Elder, and Legendary.
    • Make sure to always open your Chests.
  • Repair your equipment.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings for items that light up to find Food and hidden Secrets.

Town TipsEdit

  • To construct something, approach a lot and expend the required materials.
  • Organize your Town and keep all of the services in near the main gate, where you are placed after completing most quests.
  • Building new buildings in your town will increase your Town Level, allowing you to build new buildings and upgrade others.
  • Building more variations of a building you already have will cost more.
  • Houses, Dwellings, and Homesteads all cost the same to construct.

Combat TipsEdit

  • Swarming enemies like Skeevers and Wolves keep their distance and attack in groups, making them more frustrating to kill. Be patient and attack when they do.
  • Avoid attacking wildly and try to eliminate enemies in a swarm one by one at a time.
  • High Block whenever possible, and normal block when impossible to do a perfect block.
  • Being attacked while casting any spell will cause the spell to fail, so you should start casting spell after the enemy attacks or is stunned.
  • Switch out your weapons and spells in battle to exploit your enemy's Weaknesses.

Useful SkillsEdit

  • Absorb — A magical sigil appears instantly. It negates up to <magnitude> damage directed at the caster and converts 100% of it into healing.
  • Healing Surge — Increases Health regeneration while Stamina is high, by up to <magnitude> per second.
  • Adrenaline Dodge — This Dodging Strike evades up to <magnitude> damage and restores up to <magnitude 2> Health. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the healing.
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