Blades: First Time Players


This is a list of tips and tricks for first time players to The Elder Scrolls: Blades, to make your adventure a little bit easier.


Basic TipsEdit

  • You can play Blades in both portrait mode and vertical mode.
    • If you decide to play on horizontal mode, you can either use "tap-to-move mode" or a virtual joystick.
    • Some devices will only allow you to utilise "tap-to-move mode" in vertical mode.
      • You should try out both versions to see what you prefer. There are settings to configure this as well.
  • To unlock the Abyss, talk to Theodor Gorlash.
  • To change your appearance, talk to Theodor Gorlash.
    • While you can change your appearance, you cannot rename yourself, so choose your name wisely!
  • Each race has bonuses for different skills.
  • Chests come in 5 different rarities: Wooden, Silver, Golden, Elder, and Legendary.
    • Make sure to always open your Chests.
  • Repair your equipment.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings.

Town TipsEdit

  • To construct something, approach a lot and expend the required materials.
  • Organize your Town and keep all of the services in near the main gate, where you are placed after completing most quests.
  • Building new buildings in your town will increase your Town Level, allowing you to build new buildings and upgrade others.
  • Building more variations of a building you already have will cost more.
  • Houses, Dwellings, and Homesteads all cost the same to construct.

Combat TipsEdit

  • Swarming enemies like Skeevers and Wolves keep their distance and attack in groups, making them more frustrating to kill. Be patient and attack when they do.
  • Avoid attacking wildly.
  • High Block whenever possible, and normal block when impossible.
  • Being attacked while casting a some spell will cause the spell to fail, so you should start casting spell after the enemy attacks or is stunned.
  • Switch out your weapons and spells in battle to exploit your enemy's Weaknesses.

Useful SkillsEdit

  • Absorb — A magical sigil appears instantly. It negates up to <magnitude> damage directed at the caster and converts 100% of it into healing.
  • Healing Surge — Increases Health regeneration while Stamina is high, by up to <magnitude> per second.
  • Adrenaline Dodge — This Dodging Strike evades up to 169 damage and restores up to 54 Health. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the healing.
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