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This is a list of all quests in Blades. Progress through each quest tree can be tracked via the in-game Quest Map as you venture onward.


  1. Coming Home: Return home after evading the Thalmor.
  2. Meeting the Town Elder: Find the Town Elder.
  3. Rescuing the Townsfolk: Help rescue the townsfolk from goblins.
  4. Rebuilding the Town Hall: Start restoring your town by rebuilding the Town Hall.
  5. Lumber Run: Gather wood and free the woodcutters.
  6. Rebuilding the Smithy: Help Lond rebuild his smithy.
  7. The Greencap Bandits: Rescue the captive villagers.
  8. Hidden Mysteries: Explore the Ayleid ruins.
  9. Mercenaries on the Run: Gather information from the Mercenaries.
  10. The Name of Evil: Learn more about the released lich.
  11. The Bloodfall Queen: Confront the Bloodfall Queen.
  12. A Tale of Two Brothers: Explore the tomb of an Ayleid king.
  13. Secrets of the Ayleids: Find an Altmer scholar who can decrypt ancient Ayleid Runes.
  14. The Missing Scroll: Meet with the Bloodfall Queen to find out about the Elder Scroll.
  15. The Lair of the Sorcerer-King: Find the Sorcerer-King's lair.
    1. Hangman's Wood: Investigate Hangman's Wood.
    2. The Howling Caves: Investigate the Howling Caves.
    3. Journey to Fort Cassynder: Investigate Fort Cassynder.
    4. The Ruins of Niryastare: Explore the ruins of Niryastare.
  16. The Haunted Forest: Retrieve the stolen Elder Scroll.
  17. Facing the Dragon: Convince a dragon to give you information regarding the Sorcerer-King.
  18. The Treasure Hunter: Get help from a Khajiiti treasure hunter.
  19. The Ayleid Crown: Retrieve the Ayleid Crown.
  20. The Lost Ritual: Ask townsfolk about the ritual incantation.
  21. The Ghost's Tale: Talk to the Ghost of Valentis.
  22. High Treason: Warn the Queen about the Traitor in her court.
  23. The Five Stones: Travel to Valenwood and find the five Varla Stones.
  24. The Founder's Statue: Recreate and restore the statue of the town's Founder.
  25. Wrath of the Sorcerer-King: Face the Sorcerer-King in battle.

Goblin ScourgeEdit

  1. The Goblin Scourge: Cull local goblins. (Must be done four times)
  2. The Red and the White: Rid Jena's grove of all goblins.
  3. Goblins United: Investigate a goblin stronghold.
  4. A Fragile Alliance: Perform a false flag attack on the White Ghost goblin tribe.
  5. No Honor Among Thieves: Plant false evidence to trick the goblins into turning against the Greencaps.
  6. The Blue God: Steal a sacred idol of the goblins.
  7. The Goblin Messiah: Prevent another goblin alliance from ever happening again.



  1. The Justiciar Cometh: Meet up with the Thalmor in your town.
  2. The Troll Trap: Take the Thalmor on a wild goose chase.
  3. The Forbidden Divine: Find out who's tipping off the Thalmor.
  4. The Haunted Grove: Take the Thalmor into the Haunted Grove.
  5. The Messenger: Kill the Thalmor messenger.
  6. Draugluin's Tomb: Take the Thalmor on yet another wild goose chase.
  7. Prisoner of the Thalmor: Rescue Martin Gavinius from the Thalmor. (Only if Martin Gavinius wasn't killed in The Old Enchanter)
  8. A Friend in Need: Deal with the Thalmor once and for all.
  9. A Justiciar's Farewell

Bloodfall QueenEdit

  1. Picking up the Pieces: Investigate a raided village.
  2. The Greencaps' Trail: Investigate Woodhope Keep.
  3. In the Queen's Service: Investigate a suspected Greencaps hideout.
  4. Raid on the Bandits' Base: Assist the Bloodfall Queen in attacking the Greencaps.
  5. A Snake in the Grass: Talk to residents in town to find a spy.
  6. A Treacherous Quarry: Interrogate the spy.
  7. Cutting Off the Snake's Head: Infiltrate the Greencaps' base.
  8. The Queen's Justice: Talk to the Queen on Frontinus' behalf.
  9. The Farmer's Plea: Investigate the murder of Frontinus' brother.
  10. Gabrielle's Hunt: Search for a Dwemer construct rod.
  11. The Cave of Thieves: Find M'jaddah to discover more about the River Snake.
  12. Gabrielle's Apprentice: Continue your search for the Dwemer construct rod.
  13. The Big Hit: Intercept the River Snake's cargo.
  14. Gabrielle's Treasure: Ensure the Bloodfall Queen and Wanum are safe.


  1. A Cry for Help: Find out what happened to Sorine's village.
  2. The Scorched Earth: Another village has been burnt down, time to investigate.
  3. Into the Fire: Meet up with Saashi and Sorine.
  4. The Dragon Slayer: Defeat the warrior Azzin in the Arena.
  5. The Hunt, part 1: Search for the dragon.
  6. The Hunt, part 2: Find the dragon with Azzin.
  7. Resolution: Confront Azzin about Shulkunaak.


  1. Tournament: Practice with Noura: Practice arena combat.
  2. Tournament Trials: Connelain of the Reach: Defeat Connelain of the Reach in the arena.
  3. Tournament Trials: Najeepa Swims-in-Blood: Defeat Najeepa Swims-in-Blood
  4. Tournament Trials: Rakhad: Battle Rakhad in the arena.
  5. Tournament Trials: Tasha: Fight against Tasha.
  6. Exhibition Fight: Wolves: Defeat wolves in the Arena.
  7. Tournament: Garzul gro-Durgoth: Defeat Garzul gro-Durgoth.
  8. Tournament: Aragoth: Defeat Aragoth.
  9. Tournament: Severa Calvina: Defeat Severa Calvina.
  10. Tournament - Round 1 Finals: Defeat Wanum.
  11. A Question of Murder: Investigate the murder of Volusianus.
  12. Exhibition Fight: Bears: Entertain the crowds by fighting against bears.
  13. Tournament: Molriel: Defeat Molriel in the arena.
  14. Tournament: Dalan Silver-Skin: Defeat Dalan Silver-Skin in the arena.
  15. Tournament - Round 2 Finals: Fight against Malanwen to proceed onto round three.
  16. Exhibition Fight: Atronachs: Entertain the crowds by fighting atronachs.
  17. Tournament: Dalsa Veleth: Fight against the Dunmer spellsword Dalsa Veleth.
  18. Tournament: Arielle Themond: Fight against Arielle Themond.
  19. A Few More Questions: Time for some more investigation.
  20. Tournament - Round 3 Finals: Fight the Bloodfall Queen in the arena.
  21. Exhibition Fight: Enchanted Statues: Show off your skills against enchanted troll statues.
  22. Tournament: Dinahan-Al-Rihad: Fight against Prince Dinahan-Al-Rihad.
  23. Tournament: Thorbjold: Fight against the Nord warrior, Thorbjold.
  24. The Message: Boregis has a message for you.
  25. Tournament - Round 4 Finals: Fight against Campanus Tetius.
  26. A Visit to Blackridge: Investigate Blackridge.
  27. The Long Shadow of the Past: Confront Martius Silius.
  28. Tournament: Brynhildur War-Wind: Fight against Brynhildur War-Wind.
  29. Tournament: Garen Bethalas: Fight against Garen Bethalas.
  30. Tournament: Angarion the Bold: Fight against Angarion the Bold.
  31. Tournament - Championship Fight: Fight against the Grand Champion.

Wizard TowerEdit

  1. The Wizard's Tower: Navigate through a wizard's challenge tower.
  2. The Wizard's Challenge: Make your way through Brold's latest challenge.
  3. Brold's Reward: Collect your reward.





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