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Chests are containers of randomized loot that can be earned as quest rewards, Abyss rewards, or by exploring. They can also be purchased from the Store with Gems. Chests are an important method of obtaining resources to rebuild the Town. They supply a certain amount of Gold and have a chance to contain Gems. They can also contain useful equipment, including legendary artifacts. Chests are not considered items; they have their own inventory with a limit of 100 chests. They are usually directly opened when collected, but this can be turned off in the gameplay section of the settings menu.

Wooden ChestEdit

A Wooden Chest
A Wooden Chest


Silver ChestEdit

A Silver Chest
A Silver Chest


Golden ChestEdit

A Golden Chest
A Golden Chest


00000250250  in Store.

Gold 3800-4600
Uncommon 1
Extra: Uncommon or Rare 1
Stacks of Materials 1-3
Potions 50%
Jewel or Rare Ingot 50%
Extra Equipment Odds
Uncommon 75%
Rare 25%
Bonus Odds
Bonus Artifact 0.1%

Elder ChestEdit

An Elder Chest
An Elder Chest


00000750750  in Store.

Gold 9300-11300
Epic 1
Extra: Rare or Epic 1
Stacks of Materials 1-5
Potions 2-6
Scrolls of Revival 2-3
Jewels or Rare Ingots 3-9
Extra Equipment Odds
Rare 90%
Epic 10%
Bonus Odds
Bonus Artifact 1%

Legendary ChestEdit

A Legendary Chest
Legendary Chest artwork


000025002,500  in Store.

Gold 24800-30300 -- <80K
Legendary 1
Extra: Rare, Epic or Legendary 1
Stacks of Materials 1-5
Potions 8-12
Scrolls of Revival 6-8
Jewels or Rare Ingots 15-25
Extra Equipment Odds
Rare 42.5%
Epic 42.5%
Legendary 15%
Bonus Odds
Bonus Artifact 5%


  • You can sometimes receive targeted limited-time offers of discounted Chests on sale in the Store when you level up.
  • Chests underwent many major changes in update 1.5. These changes relieved the frustrations with the original gacha mechanics.
    • Each Chest had an associated timer that had to be waited out before receiving the contents of the Chest, with only one chest opening at a time. The wait times were 0000005S5S , 0000001H1H , 0000006H6H , 0000012H12H , and 0000001D1D  for Wooden, Silver, Golden, Elder, and Legendary Chests respectively. Silver Chests originally took 0000003H3H  to open before being reduced during early access. The wait could only be skipped by spending Gems.
    • For each Job you completed, you were able to earn a mystery chest. It could have been a Wooden, Silver, Golden, or Elder Chest.
    • Chests had an initial carrying limit of 10, although this limit could be raised by 10 via exponential Gem purchases up to a maximum of 100. These Gems were refunded when the update rolled over.
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