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The Abyss is one of the game modes in Blades, consisting of a dungeon with infinite levels. Each level has a small amount of monsters facing you and as you clear your way through Abyss, you are periodically offered rewards. The monsters will gradually become harder and the rewards will increase[verification needed]. Unlike regular dungeons, the abyss contains no healing items or chests and grants no experience for defeating foes. Passing levels earns gold and experience, and defeating foes earns items and chests.

You will be introduced to the Abyss by talking to Theodor Gorlash who can be found near the main gate of your Town.

There are various Challenges tied to exploring the Abyss, such as dealing damage or using a certain amount of combined attacks while in the Abyss.

Starting Levels[edit]

You unlock a level of the Abyss by passing the level and gaining the level rewards. You can always start from the last level you unlocked, from level 1, from your character level if it is less than the last level you unlocked, and from any multiple of 5 less than the last level you unlocked. If you are level 18 and have reached level 22, you can start on levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 18, 20, and 21.

The game recommends a starting level for you, and you can always start on the recommended level. The reward multiplier is tied to the recommended level. The recommended level is usually a few levels below your character level and can change based on how deep a level you reach.

While in the Abyss, once you pass a level and get the rewards you cannot return to the previous level. The stairs will be blocked.


There is a reward of gold and experience for each level passed. The reward is given no matter how many opponents are defeated. The reward shown as you pass each level is the total for all levels passed on this trip through the abyss, not just the current level. If the reward is 200 on one level and 300 on the next, passing that level added 100 to the total reward.

There is an item in the corner with a ring around it. Killing enemies fills the ring. When the ring is full you earn that reward and a new reward is shown. The first few rewards are common materials, then a wooden chest, and eventually equipment, gems, and golden chests. The ring will fill more for some opponents than others and is affected by the reward multiplier for high levels.

As with chests, the rewards depend on your character level. The rewards do not depend on the level of the Abyss, but the harder monsters on deeper levels will fill the ring faster so you can reach the better rewards. Each new trip into the Abyss resets the rewards gained. The first few rewards will be common, then slowly have a chance to be uncommon or rare.

Any opponent that might normally drop gold will also drop gold in the Abyss. Materials like dragon bones and daedra hearts can also be rewarded, but they go directly to your inventory and are not dropped.

Reward Multipliers[edit]

A typical Abyss floor, showing the multipler

Some levels have a reward multiplier. All gold and experience for passing the level are multiplied. The multiplier is relative to the recommended level. At one level beyond the recommended level, the multiplier is 1.25x. After that, the multiplier is the number of levels higher than the recommended level, up to a 6x multiplier. If the recommended level is 12, then there will be a 3x multiplier on the rewards for passing level 15.

When starting at or below the recommended level and defeating every opponent, a golden chest usually appears some time around the 4x multiplier.

As the multiplier increases, opponents also become more difficult at an increased rate.

At levels lower than the recommended level, there may be some rewards penalty.


Most levels of the Abyss have 2-3 enemies of one type. Pack animals like Skeevers or Wolves will usually have 2-3 packs of 2-3 creatures each. Some enemies, like Liches, Warmasters, and Dragons may be alone on a level. Some enemies that naturally go together, like Outcasts with Liches, Wolves with Bears, or Wisps with Wispmothers, may show up on the same level. Enemies like Goblins and Dremora Raiders that have more than one kind will usually be mixed together.

Deeper levels of the Abyss have rarer creatures. Starting around level 20 there are Liches and Warmasters. Starting around level 25, there are Dremora Raiders and Dragons. The creatures encountered also depend on your character level.


The highest level that can be unlocked as a starting level is 99. Going deeper than level 100 results in an error when leaving instead of rewards.


1: Skeevers
2: Bandits
3: Goblin Skirmishers
4: (varies)
Reward - 120 Gold, 20 XP