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References to events in the history of The Elder Scrolls are documented separately to Easter Eggs.

If you think you have found an undocumented reference, please post your idea on this article's talk page before adding it to this article.


  • Townsfolk may comment, "Cliff racers. *Shudder*" This is a reference to the excessive amount of hostile Cliff Racers encountered all over Vvardenfell.

Oblivion & PGE3Edit

  • Townsfolk may exclaim, "By Azura! I'd die to meet a Grand Champion!" This is a reference to the Adoring Fan's common refrain, which he would say whenever approached: "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me!"
  • Townsfolk may comment, "I saw some mudcrabs by the water recently." This is a reference to a line of NPC dialogue which can be commonly overheard in conversation: "I saw some mudcrabs by the water recently. I steered clear of them."
  • Orcish villagers during the quest The Heretic cite an Orc King who originated the idea that Trinimac is still alive and should be worshipped. This is a reference to Orsinium Section of A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition, which mentions King Gortwog creating a new priesthood around Trinimac.


  • The description for the Whiterun Banner decoration states that the Cloud District "is well worth visiting". This is a reference to an irritating line of dialogue often repeated by Whiterun resident Nazeem: "Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying - of course you don't."