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This page is for Easter eggs only. Easter eggs include inside jokes, pop culture references, and any similar reference to something outside the Elder Scrolls games. For other points of interest, please see the appropriate pages.

Easter eggs are secrets that the developers put in games to give people a laugh when they find them (provided that they understand the joke or reference). Easter eggs differ from in-game references in that they have been clearly hidden from the player and are unusual with regards to their surroundings; references are often integrated into the rest of game and no attempt is made to keep them secret.

If you think you have found an Easter egg please post your idea on this article's talk page before adding it to this article.

Easter EggsEdit

Horker loaf coffin
  • While exploring dungeons, you may occasionally come across a room with an open coffin in the center. Within, you may find a horker loaf, which can be eaten if desired.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Baby SharkEdit


  • The Love's Triumph decoration depicts a robed character with small wings, a bow, and an arrow, referencing the Greco-Roman god Cupid. Additionally, Cupid is especially related to Valentine's Day, which is the real-world inspiration for Heart's Day, the holiday on which the decoration was available for purchase.

Dark SoulsEdit

Game of ThronesEdit


Monty PythonEdit

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerEdit

Victoria & Winged VictoriesEdit

  • The Fighters' Trophy decoration depicts a winged woman which closely resembles depictions of the Roman goddess Victoria and winged victory iconography. Additionally, the description states that it "represent[s] the spirit of victory", which is true for winged victories.