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Blades:The Heretic

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Standalone Quest
Rescue the daughter of an Orc chief.
Rarity: Rare
Quest Giver: Sharolg
Location(s): None
Reward(s): Golden Chest, 000015001,500Gold
XP: (?)
ID: SQ204
Recommended Level: Player Level 20
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 2
Ghorkul and his trolls
An Orc Chief's daughter has been taken by a heretic. Get her back.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to the Orc Chief.
  2. Rescue the Orc Chief's daughter.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Starting OffEdit

To begin this quest speak to Sharolg in Town:

"Greetings, Warrior. My name is Sharolg gro-Ugdub, and I am chieftain of my village. Are you the Queen's champion?"
I am.
"Good. She told me you would help me."
What do you need?
"One of my daughters has been kidnapped by a madman. I need you to bring her back."
Why can't you do it?
"This madman - a heretic named Ghorkul - lives in a cave with a group of trolls. They will attack anyone but him. I told the Queen this, and she said if anyone can defeat a cave full of trolls, it's you."
Okay, I'll help.
"I will escort you to my village when you are ready."

As you start the quest, you will see two Port Guards who will inform you that the village is straight ahead.

Orc VillageEdit

Speak to Sharolg in the village, he will direct you to Ghorkul's hideout:

"Up this road you will find the cave where Ghorkul lives. If it is true what Queen Urzoga has told me, the trolls will not be a problem for you."
We'll see about that...
"Indeed, we shall."

Search the village for resources, and speak to the local villagers if you feel the need as they will expand on recent events:

"Must be hard for Shagdurz, being kidnapped. She was already unhappy. She's been promised as the wife to another Chieftain for most of her life. Can't imagine what that must be like. She was close friends with Ghorkul before the whole "Heretic" thing anyway. Maybe they... hmm. Never mind. I'm glad the chief didn't hear me say any of that..."
"You are here to fight Ghorkul? Good. He is a fool. He told me he would unlock the secrets of the trolls' regeneration just by praying to a dead god."
"One of the Daedra, Boethiah the Schemer, became jealous of Trinimac. Why should he have the adoration of so many? She plotted to defeat him, but she needed help; for even a Daedric Prince was no match for Trinimac in his prime. She tricked her followers, called Velothi, into spreading blasphemous ideas. This angered Trinimac and his priests, so he confronted Boethiah. But the Daedra was prepared. When Trinimac arrived, Mephala the Spider, the Prince of that which is beyond mortal knowledge, stabbed him in the back. Weakened, Boethiah opened her jaw until she was all mouth, and swallowed Trinimac. She trapped him inside her and assumed his form. Then, she appeared before Trinimac's priests and humiliated them. She excreted Trinimac before them and cursed him and all his followers. Trinimac became Malacath. Aldmer became Orsimer, Cursed Folk. What's blasphemous is denying Malacath. Ghorkul believes Malacath is a deceiver like Boethiah. That Trinimac still lives, but... That he's in some kind of prison? I don't know, it doesn't make much sense. All this because of an Orc King three hundred years ago who came up with the idea."


Once you are done in the village, continue on and you will have to deal with

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