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Villagers are generic NPCs that are found in a variety of quests.

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Bloodfall QueenEdit


Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Big HitEdit

First VillagerEdit

The first villager you encounter in the village will say:

"Hey! Did you just kill those beasts? That's great! They've been hanging around the gates lately. No one's been able to use this road for days."
You're welcome.
"While you're here... we managed to capture a big troll right over there. I'm worried it's going to start rampaging, soon... Would you mind taking care of it, too?"
"Thank you! Go see my friend by that gate to your right."
I'm busy.
"Of course, of course. But you would be doing us a huge favor. Maybe we can help you out when you're done?"

If she is spoken to again she will say:

"I really hope you can get rid of that thing..."

Once the troll is dead:

"Nice job. You're strong!"

Gate VillagerEdit

The villager by the gate that you will have to talk to in regards to the troll problem will say:

"Hi! Thank the Divines you showed up when you did. That thing is getting very aggressive. In fact, I think I'll let you open the gate yourself, so I don't have to be very close to it..."

If spoken to again:

"Good luck! If you fail, we'll probably all die, so... please kill it."

If spoken to again after the troll has been killed you can ask him about the shipment:

"Anything else I can help you with?"
Do you know about today's shipment?
"No, sorry. You should ask the old dockmaster, over by the gate to the pier. Now what should I do with this carcass...?"

First Section VillagersEdit

There are five other villages in this first section of the village that can be spoken to:

"You don't look like a sailor. What do you need?"
What do you know about today's shipment?
"Oh, wait, I recognize you. You're the Queen's champion. I'm glad you're here. Get rid of them if you can. But do move on, I don't want the wrong eyes to see us talking."

"Haven't seen you around before. What do you want?"
What do you know about today's shipment?
"Are you trying to test me or something? No, I don't know anything about it. Leave me alone!"
"Go bother someone else." (If spoken to again)

What do you know about today's shipment?
"You're just casually asking about...? I see, you're not from around here. Please move on, I don't want to be seen with you."
"Listen, those smugglers are dangerous. People have been disappearing! Now go away, please." (If spoken to again)

"Oh, a new face! Anything I can do for you?"
What do you know about today's shipment?
"Oh... no, I don't know anything. You should probably not ask anyone else about this. Dangerous people at the docks. Although, you look pretty tough. Maybe you'll be fine."
"No offence [sic], but I'd rather not risk talking to you any more than I already have." (If spoken to again)

What do you know about today's shipment?

Second Section VillagersEdit

The female villager to the right:

"You don't look like a sailor. What do you need?"
What do you know about today's shipment?
"Oh, wait, I recognize you. You're the Queen's champion. I'm glad you're here. Get rid of them if you can. But do move on, I don't want the wrong eyes to see us talking."

The Argonian villager in the middle will say:

"Thanks for dealing with those animals. Sad they had to die like this, but what else could we do?"
Do you know anything about that shipment?
"The shipment? No. But I can tell you about that crew. I used to be the dockmaster here, see? When they first showed up, they replaced me with some brute. He stays in town and does my job, badly. When that boat arrives, they kick everyone out to do their dirty business. Everyone is too scared to do anything about it. And with good reason... Been some rumors of people disappearing after asking the wrong questions. Are you going to get rid of them? Everyone here would appreciate it. I've gathered a little bounty for them hoping someone like you would come along."
Okay, thanks.

If spoken to again he will say:

"Good luck."

Shadow of DoubtEdit

An Argonian villager will speak to you:

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?"
Into that castle.
"Listen, friend. That's a haunted castle. You should turn around."
The Queen sent me.
"Really? You're braver than me. She couldn't pay me enough to go in there."
Has anyone died?
"Died? I don't think so. Not yet, anyway."
I'm not afraid of ghosts.
"You should be. They're there, and they're angry."
What are they doing?/What's actually happening?
"They're robbing graves, for one thing. Five or six at least.
People that were just buried… dug up a few days later, dragged to the keep. Can you imagine?
And then there are the whispers. One time, walking along this road, I heard a voice right in my ear: "Leave! Or you'll regret it!"
My friend heard, "Take out the heart! Let it bleed!"
I know. Might not be ghosts. But that just scares me even more."
Thanks for the warning.
"You bet. That's why I'm here…"
I'll be careful.
"That's good. Don't get murdered."
I'll be fine.
"You look tough, so maybe you will be."

If spoken to again:

"You're really going to go up there, aren't you? You're brave. I get chills even standing this far away."

Mining MisfortuneEdit

When spoken to outside the mine the villagers will say:

"Please find my husband!"
"My brother is still in there."
"Won't be long now!"
"I hope they're still okay."
"Is that Queen Urzoga's champion?"
"You have to help them...!"

The HereticEdit

The villagers in the village are all Orcs.

When spoken to:

"You are here to deal with that heretic in the cave. You don't know what makes him a heretic, do you?"
No, I don't.
"Trinimac was murdered — well, eaten — by Boethiah. Then Malacath was born from his remains and his hatred."
"Ghorkul says Trinimac is still alive, that Malacath has tricked us into worshipping him. It doesn't make much sense. That's why it's heresy. You still with me?"
"One of the Daedra, Boethiah the Schemer, became jealous of Trinimac. Why should he have the adoration of so many? She plotted to defeat him, but she needed help; for even a Daedric Prince was no match for Trinimac in his prime. She tricked her followers, called Velothi, into spreading blasphemous ideas. This angered Trinimac and his priests, so he confronted Boethiah. But the Daedra was prepared. When Trinimac arrived, Mephala the Spider, the Prince of that which is beyond mortal knowledge, stabbed him in the back. Weakened, Boethiah opened her jaw until she was all mouth, and swallowed Trinimac. She trapped him inside her and assumed his form. Then, she appeared before Trinimac's priests and humiliated them. She excreted Trinimac before them and cursed him and all his followers. Trinimac became Malacath. Aldmer became Orsimer, Cursed Folk. What's blasphemous is denying Malacath. Ghorkul believes Malacath is a deceiver like Boethiah. That Trinimac still lives, but... That he's in some kind of prison? I don't know, it doesn't make much sense. All this because of an Orc King three hundred years ago who came up with the idea."
No, thanks.
"Suit yourself."
Something about Malacath?
"Hehehe. Yes. Would you like to hear the story?"
(The dialogue option for No I don't has the same replies as this)
Not interested.
"Suit yourself."

Other villagers after this will say:

"Ghorkul will get what’s coming to him."
"Ghorkul will feel Malacath's wrath."
"Must be hard for Shagdurz, being kidnapped. She was already unhappy. She's been promised as the wife to another Chieftain for most of her life. Can't imagine what that must be like. She was close friends with Ghorkul before the whole "Heretic" thing anyway. Maybe they... hmm. Never mind. I'm glad the chief didn't hear me say any of that..."
"You are here to fight Ghorkul? Good. He is a fool. He told me he would unlock the secrets of the trolls' regeneration just by praying to a dead god."
"The Queen thinks you are stronger than our chief? Hah!"
"I mean no offense, but I don't understand why we can't solve this issue on our own."

There is a Breton villager outside the cave entrance:

"Excuse me, are you going in there? I think my husband might have been captured... I fear the worst! Please rescue him!"
I will.
"Thank you! Oh, the Divines are merciful."
I'll see.
"If he is still... oh, you must save him!"

If spoken to again:

"Please save my husband!"

An Imperial villager can be found in the cave and will say:

"They... they ate them..."
You're going to be okay.
"Y-yes. I'm okay. I'm okay."
Go home before they eat you too.
"Oh, wait, are you going in there? Watch out for the male Orc. I saw him... uh... well, a big gash in his arm just... closed up in a few seconds. Scary. I need to go."

The Dunmer husband can also be found in the cave:

"I thought I was going to die in here!"
Your wife is waiting for you outside.
"She's here? Wow. She's kind of a pain, but much better than these trolls. Thanks a lot!"

Pool of DespairEdit

You can speak to the villagers of the town in this quest. The Orc villager will say:

Do you know the ranger Malanwen?
"Yes. She was here. I don't know where she went... My mother is also missing. Has been for days. No one wants to look for her..."
I'll find her. Don't worry.
"You will!? Thank goodness..."
Sorry to hear it.
"Yeah. Thanks."

If spoken to again:

"I can't wait to see my mother again!" (If you chose the first option)
"Mother... where are you?" (If you chose the second option)

The female Imperial will say:

"Everything I planted is dead..."
Do you know anything about the disappearances?
"Huh? Oh. No..."

If spoken to again:

"What am I going to do?"

The female Breton will say:

"If you're looking to buy some of our produce, I'm afraid you're out of luck."
I am not. Do you know of Malanwen?
"The elf ranger lady? She was here not too long ago. Then she left, not sure where. She said she would help. I hope she comes back..."

If spoken to again:

"Have you spoken to the Mayor?"

Deadly NeighborEdit

As you enter the town a villager will stop you and say:

"Don't go that way! Danger looms over there."
What happened?
"It attacked in the night, as hulking and foul as one can imagine... We tried to scare it off with fire, but it all went wrong."
Scare what off?
"It was a troll, but much bigger than normal... The guards tried to scare it off with torches, but the beast tossed them around and threw them into the buildings. The guards' torches set the buildings on fire, and nobody could put it out..."
I'm looking for Murzog.
"Oh, she's gone, her and the priestess Odette. The troll knocked them out and dragged them off to its lair. Those poor women... I don't want to imagine their fate."
I have to find them.
"Don't be foolish. You'll die!"