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Eva, of the Ayleid race, was a respected citizen of the city Lindai in the First Era, when the Ayleids were prominent in Cyrodiil; and was also Vergil Sparda's mother. Due to being part of such a powerful race of elves Eva had an astoundingly long life which stretched from the First Era to around eight years previous to the Oblivion Crisis in the Third Era. When the downfall of the Ayleids was approaching, Eva left Lindai and joined the slave rebellion of 1E 242, her reasons for this are unknown, she either disagreed with the slavery of the Imperial race or just saw the inevitable end of the Ayleid regime and left so she would survive. Eva was incredibly talented in Restoration magic and saved many lives during the slave uprising against her own people. Throughout the entirety of the Second Era (and much of the Third) Eva travelled across Tamriel, to the homeland of the Altmer: Summerset Isle, the depths of Black Marsh, Skyrim and Valenwood. Occasionally she would settle down for a decade or two in certain provinces she would find appealing, such as the twenty years she spent in Skyrim's town of Helgen. After this phase of travelling, she decided to return to her homeland of Cyrodiil towards the end of the second era. She lived in Cheydinhal for a while, settling until around thirty years prior to the Oblivion Crisis.


Vergil's father, Sparda, had a very different background to Eva indeed, he was a unique Dremora Valkynaz who was loyal to his master Mehrunes Dagon. Sparda, unlike the rest of his kind, had the ability to appear human in appearance whenever he wished and this ability was extremely valuable to Mehrunes Dagon indeed. Because with this ability, Sparda was able to manipulate the races of Tamriel by persuading them into acts such as Daedra worship and other heinous acts like sacrifice and murder. Sparda, again unlike his brethren, did not feel as much hate as the rest of his Kyn felt, he was quite level headed, calm and cool. And was seen as a perfection in Dagon's eyes, a being that all of the forces of the Deadlands should aspire to be like. Although Sparda had one of the highest statuses in Dremora society (and and was also a master warrior, mage and orator) he often felt restricted under Dagon's rule.

Mehrunes Dagon

When sent on a task by Dagon, Sparda found himself in the city of Cheydinhal, in Cyrodiil. His mission was to poison the mind of any citizen so that they would come to believe the residents of Cheydinhal were plotting against said citizen and then push them into torching the city, merely for Dagon's amusement. However, the citizen Sparda first saw was not the one he chose to manipulate. Eva was the first person he spotted and instantly fell in love with her beauty and elegance. Following her around, she eventually stopped for a drink at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn where he offered to buy her a drink. Dagon, thinking this was means of manipulation, did nothing to stop Sparda befriending Eva. That very same night Sparda told Eva how he felt about her and revealed his Daedric nature to her, she told him of her past too, they both had many stories they could tell each other due to their backgrounds and their love blossomed overnight. Dagon grew impatient and decided to intervene with Sparda's apparent "plan", he appeared in Tamriel a spectral form and demanded an explanation from Sparda. He confessed his love for Eva to his master and pleaded to be able to stay with her. Dagon, disgusted at Sparda's compassion for a "lesser" being, declared Sparda to be a blighted creation due to his emotional 'weaknesses' and banished him from the Deadlands for all eternity and was stripped of his status. Either Dagon merely forgot to strip them from him in his rage or consciously allowed him to keep them, Sparda retained his three symbols of office: Rebellion which is a unique claymore, Yamato which is unique katana and a sword which bore Sparda's own name which is seen as a physical reservoir of his god-like power, in its dormant state it is known as Force Edge and appears as a silver-lined claymore.


Helgen (Fourth Era)

Five years later. Sparda and Eva were living back in Helgen. Eva suggested it was out of the way of city life and much more relaxing, apart from the freezing temperatures. They were now happily married... and expecting children. Eva was pregnant with twins, Vergil and Dante were the names they chose when the boys were born nine months later. Throughout their lives Dante and Vergil were inseparable, both of them strong and capable fighters but also intelligent boys too. When they were both seventeen they had jobs, Dante served drinks and cooked in the local inn as he was a very skilled alchemist and a good chef. He also helped to chop wood. Vergil was a good orator, like his father, and was also a gifted healer and illusionist. Vergil befriended Rimalus Bruiant who lived in Helgen before moving to Chorrol later in his life with his fiancé. One night when Vergil and Rimalus were both drinking heavily, Vergil blurted out to Rimalus that his father, Sparda, was a disguised Dremora and his mother was an Ayleid. Rimalus, sobered by this information that Vergil was bragging about, suggested they went home as it was late, Vergil agreed.

Later in the night, Eva heard a loud knock on the door to the house. She ignored it, but then heard it again... louder. She sleepily dragged herself to the door but before she reached it the door broke off it's hinges and a the town guard entered the house and grabbed Eva. Sparda woke and ran to Eva's screams, he saw her get dragged out by a guard and then three more burst through the door and attacked him, Sparda attempted to fight them off but only managed to knock one out before he was pinned to the ground, with the majority of his powers trapped in Force Edge he was merely a man, he was then struck across the head with a club. Outside, Sparda was woken by a bucket of cold water to the town guard surrounding the four stacks of wood he and the rest of the family were individually chained to, their hands and feet were bound. Tears were streaming down Eva's face. Both of the boys, whom were burning with rage, were attempting to break free. Sparda demanded to know what was happening which silenced the rabble of townsfolk who had now appeared behind the circle of town guard. A priest of Arkay appeared from the circle of guards and declared that Sparda was known to be a Dremora. Vergil immediately stopped trying to break free and looked up. The priest emphasised his point by calling Sparda an agent of Mehrunes Dagon and a bringer of destruction and death. Then denounced Eva stating she was a still-living Ayleid, meaning she lived during the horrific slavery of the Imperial race. And then called the boys abominations as they are a combination of both. Sparda demanded to know who said such things and the priest pointed at Vergil. Vergil shouted out Rimalus' name, who then appeared out of the circle of guards next to the priest.

The remains...

The guard that was closest to Sparda grabbed his hand and cut his palm, the priest of Arkay then poured a liquid into the cut which caused Sparda's eyes to glow a bright red. Then his skin started to blacken and the beginnings of horns broke through his forehead, his true form was revealed to them all. The guards moved forward with the lit torches, starting at Sparda. The oiled wood caught fire instantly, melting the skin on his back. Unimaginable terror rushed through the minds of Vergil and Dante. Eva, still crying, was next to be burnt alive. Her long golden hair disappeared in flame and her mutilated body went limp shortly after. At the sight of his parent's grotesque and inhumane death, something awakened inside Vergil. His blood boiled with anger and his eyes turned black. He broke out of his binds as well as the chains and broke the neck of the guard coming towards him with his legs, he then crushed Dante's chains and set him free. Together they ran back to the house, followed by the town guard and a mob of townsfolk, the boys grabbed Rebellion, Yamato and the two amulets their mother presented them for their eighth birthday, Force Edge however was nowhere to be found. They then ran out of the back door and running to Helgen's side gate, where they barged out and kept to the walls until they weren't in view of any marksmen. Then they escaped into the woods.

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Vergil and Dante ran towards a nearby tower they had spotted and used it as a place to lay low. The tower was less of a ruin that it is in modern day Skyrim, but it was still a ruin nonetheless. The boys were consumed by melancholy and hatred. Hatred for the people they trusted who murdered their parents. Dante demanded Vergil to explain his and Rimalus' involvement in the situation. Vergil burst into tears that were filled with hostility and regret, he explained that he told Rimalus about Sparda and Eva under the illusion he could trust him to remain quiet. Dante punched Vergil in the face and bitterly declared his disgust. Letting his guilt take control of him, Vergil did not fight back. Dante absconded with Rebellion that night, leaving Vergil as a broken and twisted soul.


Vergil had travelled south to Cyrodiil after that horrific night and had been living a life of insanity. He first found the city of Bruma where he would drink himself under the table for days on end. He tossed Yamato down a mountainside nearby Cloud Ruler Temple when on a drunken stroll outside of the city in an attempt to try and forget his tragic past life. Sometimes he would drink so much that he would be arrested for abusive behaviour. He then moved south to the Imperial City where he lived in the sewers for a time, mad with grief. He emerged from the sewers one night in search for food when he was spotted by a local priest who managed to coax him with food to a nearby wayshrine. Vergil was blessed at this wayshrine and was cured of his insanity, to find himself remembering his parents death and loss of his brother Dante. Vergil incinerated the priest in anger and was later was arrested by a nearby guard and sent to prison. He was sentenced to 30 years, however, he ended up only serving around eight.