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"You think you lose, you die, and that's the end. It's not." - Clavicus Vile

Vergil Sparda

Character InspirationsEdit

  • The Devil May Cry franchise is one of the primary inspirations to my gameplay. The games follow the story of Dante who is a mercenary in modern America dedicated to exterminating demons and other malevolent supernatural foes, a mission he follows in pursuit of those that killed his mother, Eva, and corrupted his brother, Vergil. They are the sons of Sparda, a demon of great power that rebelled against the demon emperor, Mundus, and defeated his army. Eva was later murdered when trying to protect her sons from a demon attack ordered by Mundus, Sparda's whereabouts are unknown but he is assumed to have been also destroyed by Mundus. Vergil is the main inspiration as he embraces his "devil side" much more in comparison to his brother, striving for personal power regardless of the effect it has to the world, however it is indicated this is to compensate for the loss of his and Dante's mother. [1]
  • Another dominant character inspiration is Iago from Shakespeare's tragedy Othello. Iago is a master manipulator, persuading the Military General, Othello, into murdering his own wife with virtually no physical evidence of her disloyalty. Seen by certain psychologists and literary critics as a sociopath. [2]


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