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View of the Palace Sewers
East Building Entrance, Teran Hall
The caverns of the Battlefield

The Royal city of Old Mournhold was destroyed at the end of First Era by the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. Almalexia and Sotha Sil came too late to prevent this destruction, but they managed to banish Mehrunes Dagon back to Oblivion.

Old Mournhold are now the expansive ruins of that older city on which present-day Mournhold has been built. Old Mournhold can only be accessed through the sewer system and holds many secrets. Many quests take you underground. Be careful, Old Mournhold is the base of operations for the Dark Brotherhood, Goblins and other dangerous creatures.

Old Mournhold consists of the following places:

Main Sewers — Includes Manor District, Bazaar, Palace, Residential and West Sewers.
Temple Sewers — An isolated sewer system accessible from the Temple Basement.
Battlefield — A large cavern accessible through the West Sewers.
Bamz-Amschend — A hidden Dwemer ruin accessible from the Plaza Brindisi Dorom.
Norenen-dur — An underground Daedric shrine hidden deep beneath Mournhold.

For a description of present-day Mournhold, click here.

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