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Tribunal:Robe of the Lich

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Robe of the Lich
Artifact: Robe of the Lich (robe_lich_unique)
(lore page)
Type Robe
Weight Weight 8 Value Value 22,000
Cast When Used
Drain Health Drain Health 600pts for 1sec on Self
Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka 300pts for 1sec on Self
Charge/Cost = Uses 725/145=5
A Breton female wearing the Robe of the Lich

The Robe of the Lich is the robe worn by the powerful lich Gedna Relvel. It allows the user to gain a temporary boost in magical power at the expense of their life force. Though it has very powerful Fortify Magicka enchantments, this is complicated by the fact that it drains 600 health when used, and both effects last for only one second, too short to actually cast anything. Use of this robe is inadvisable and is better off used as one of two required donated artifacts to complete the Tribunal main quest line.

(Note: with Resist Magicka, it is possible to use the Robe without dying. The main use of the Robe is to give yourself the ability to cast magic without any Magicka. After using the Robe, your health will return, offering up to 6 uses before needing to recharge.)


  • When combined with Mantle of Woe, it's possible to make the fortification last more than a second. To do this, simply cast the Robe of the Lich's effect and open the inventory before the one second expires. Equip Mantle of Woe and wait for the fortification animation to complete. Unequip Mantle of Woe, and the fortification effect from the Robe of the Lich will stay until the player decreases their magicka levels back down to their normal level.