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Vulthuryol (RefID: 0007EAC5)
(lore page)
Location Blackreach
Species Dragon Soul Dragon
Level 50 Type Monsters
RefID 0007EAC5 BaseID 0007EAC7
Other Information
Health 3071 Magicka 150
Stamina 264
Primary Skills Archery, Block, One-handed, Sneak
Perks Dragonskin
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Dragon Faction

Vulthuryol is a dragon found within Blackreach. He can be summoned by using Unrelenting Force on the hanging yellow Dwemer gong within the Silent City. His name in the dragon language means "Dark Overlord Fire".

As soon as he is summoned, he will fly over the Dwemer fortress the orb hangs over, using his only shout, Fire Breath (but not pointed to any enemy). He will then land outside of the fortress and will remain on the ground for the rest of the fight.


  • Vulthuryol cannot be tamed with Bend WillDB because Blackreach is not listed as a suitable worldspace for taming dragons. Even if tame, his scripting prevents him from flying because he would not properly collide with the world.
  • Because of his fixed level and health, he can be dangerous for low-level players.
  • Vulthuryol can also be summoned by NPCs that can use shouts. You can reanimate one and then antagonize them so they will use a shout on the large orb.
  • If the quest Dragon Rising is not completed in your journal, killing Vulthuryol before Mirmulnir will trigger the next stage of Dragon Rising, and random dragon encounters.
  • If Vulthuryol doesn't appear, try hitting the orb from other angles: If you're standing on the ground and looking up at it, the three word version of Unrelenting Force is needed to summon him, but if you're up above the orb on the winding platforms, a one word version will summon him. You'll hear it when the shout hits it properly; a gong-like sound plays and then the dragon appears.