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Skyrim:Reaper's Lair

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Reaper's Lair
# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Bonemen, Reaper
Console Location Code(s)
Soul Cairn
Reaper's Lair

The Reaper's Lair is an enclosed ruin in the Soul Cairn.

After emerging from Valerica's portal and following the path through the large stone wall that bisects the Soul Cairn, the building is found along the southeastern edge of the area. It is a large black ruin, similar to other structures in the realm, but can be distinguished by the presence of a door.


The interior is very dark and barren. Lightning will occasionally strike the center of the room, illuminating the jagged walls. In the middle of the room stands a pedestal where a set of three Reaper Gem Fragments can be placed. Doing so will summon the Reaper and three bonemen. After defeating the summoned enemies, there is little to do other than loot their remains and exit the ruin.

In the center of the circle is a square grate over what appears to be a teleport well; however, there is no way of accessing the well below, which in any event does nothing.


  • The Reaper and his minions may not spawn. You can work around this by scattering a few Fire Runes on the ground around the chamber. This will summon his minions from below and draw him out for the fight. Likewise, you can move to the back of the room and cast a rune on the large pile of bones, slightly above where the bone wall meets the bone floor. If you don't have Fire Rune, the Reaper can also be summoned by climbing the bone pile to where it joins the wall and shield bashing towards the small glowing light. Using the Unrelenting Force shout there will also work.
  • If the Reaper dies over the grated well in the middle of the floor, his corpse may fall through the grate and be unlootable.
  • The bonemen's corpses may be unlootable.