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(RefID: xx015C16)
Added by Dawnguard
House Fort Dawnguard
Race Orc Gender Male
Level PC×1 (min=10) Class Ranger
RefID xx015C16 BaseID xx01541D
Other Information
Health 100+(PC-1)×10
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×5
Primary Skills Archery, Light Armor, Block, One-handed
Perks Critical Shot (rank 1); Custom Fit; Extra Damage 1.5; Fighting Stance; Hack and Slash
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Follower Yes
StewardHF Yes
Voice Type MaleOrc
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; DLC1DawnguardFaction; DLC1HunterFaction; Gets dialogue pointing player to radiant quests; PotentialFollowerFaction

Durak is an Orc ranger and a vampire hunter. He is the first to approach you about the recent vampire menace and recruits you into the Dawnguard. If you speak with him in Dayspring Canyon, he will give you a crossbow and 45 steel bolts. He will tell you that the crossbow is a "Dawnguard specialty" and is the best weapon to use when trying to take down vampires.

Durak will be available as a follower once the quest Prophet is completed. Completing said quest will also cause him to make you Blood-Kin, granting you access to all Orc Strongholds. He is also one of the few followers who has no maximum level, meaning he will continue to level up with you.

He wears a set of Dawnguard armor, including matching pairs of gauntlets and boots. He is equipped with a Dawnguard war axe and a Dawnguard shield. He will switch to a crossbow supplemented with 14 steel bolts for long range attacks should the need arise.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


He will approach you in one of the major cities, or you can talk to him in Dayspring Canyon:

"You there. The Dawnguard is looking for anyone willing to fight against the growing vampire menace. What do you say?"
What's the Dawnguard?
"We're vampire hunters. We search out and destroy those bloodsucking scum wherever we find them."
Sorry, I'm not interested.
"That's what everybody says, right up until they find their throat being ripped out by a pack of hungry vampires."
I haven't noticed any vampire menace.
"You're not paying attention then. Like most everyone else around here. Haven't you heard that the Hall of the Vigilants was destroyed by vampires? They never took the threat seriously, and now they've paid the price."
Vigilants? Dawnguard? What are you talking about?
"The Vigilants mostly hunt down daedra worshippers, which is why they got torn to pieces when they went up against vampires. That's why our leader Isran is reestablishing the Dawnguard. Real, serious vampire hunters."
Killing vampires? Where do I sign up?
"Ha. Isran's going to like you. Go talk to him at Fort Dawnguard, southeast of Riften. He'll decide if you're Dawnguard material."

If you ask him this question in Dayspring Canyon:

"Ha. Isran's going to like you. He's up the hill, in the fort. He'll decide if you're Dawnguard material.

If spoken to again if you've said you weren't interested he can say:

"Changed your mind, huh? The Dawnguard could use somebody like you."
"Yeah? You change your mind? The Dawnguard could use somebody like you."

If spoke to again if you offered to join up:

"Report to Isran at Fort Dawnguard. And get moving if you're serious about it. The vampires aren't going to wait around to make their next move."

When spoken to at Fort Dawnguard:

"Well, well. You made it. Good. Isran's in the fort. He'll get you sorted out."
"Glad you decided to give it a try. I hope Isran likes you."
"If you're here to join up, you need to see Isran. He's up at the fort talking to some Vigilant."
What's that you're shooting with?
"Never seen a crossbow before, eh? Not surprised. Kind of a Dawnguard specialty. Nothing better for putting down vampires. Here, take this one and give it a try. You'll want to get to know how to use it if you really plan to join the Dawnguard."

If you ask him this question again, he mentions the crossbow again, but stops speaking after explaining that crossbows are excellent for eliminating vampires and won't give you another one.

Kindred JudgmentEdit

During Isran's speech he will say:

"The prophecy is no more!"

During this quest he can shout:

"It is time for action."
"Destroy every last one of them!"


You can ask him why he joined:

Why did you join the Dawnguard?
"I lost two wives to vampires. I will avenge them. It is good to know that I will not have to do it alone. I am glad this Dawnguard exists."

When exiting conversation with him:

"May your blades stay sharp."


  • Durak does not have a unique facial model, he instead uses the default male Orc face.
  • Durak is the only add-on based Orc who you can recruit as a follower and the only one who can make you Blood-Kin.


  • Sometimes Durak will randomly be hostile towards the player without provocation.
    • This bug may be caused by getting a bounty in Riften. It can be fixed by getting a bounty in the Rift and then removing it, either by paying it off or serving jail-time. [verification needed]