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Skyrim:Pilgrim's Trench

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Pilgrim's Trench
(view on map) (lore page)
Clearable No
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Console Location Code(s)
PilgrimsTrenchExterior, PilgrimsTrenchTriusCamp
Northwest of Winterhold, underwater near the coast
Pilgrim's Trench

Pilgrim's Trench is a ship graveyard northwest of Winterhold.

The location consists of four submerged shipwrecks. The trench is only marked as discovered if you dive down to the ships.

Related QuestsEdit


The lone angler fishCC

The main ship (the one that isn't broken in two) has two chests containing minor loot. The first chest is just inside on the top deck beside the rest of the furniture. The second chest is on the lower deck along with five food barrels and a dresser and wardrobe both containing clothes.

There are no underwater predators at this location. Salmon swim in the waters. With the Fishing Creation installed, arctic chars also swim in the area, while a single angler can be found beneath a rocky outcrop on the ocean floor. At least eleven Nordic barnacles are nearby. Most are on the main ship, both inside and outside, with some on the ceilings inside.

It is a long dive. All races except Argonians will need a waterbreathing effect to explore this location. Explorers should allow 60 seconds of waterbreathing for a quick dive and three minutes for a leisurely perusal of the site.

You may learn what happened to the ships if you summon Velehk Sain in the Midden. He is dressed like a sailor, and tells you that while he was in Mundus, he was a pirate. He offers to give you some items he obtained during that time, and mentions that he and his companions sunk some Imperial ships. The treasure is magically hidden close to Pilgrim's Trench, on an island with a statue of Talos.