Skyrim:Mount Anthor

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Dragon Lair:
Mount Anthor
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Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 10
Dragon, Warlocks
Console Location Code(s)
MountAnthorExterior01, MountAnthorExterior02, MountAnthorExterior03, MountAnthorExterior04, MountAnthorExterior05, MountAnthorExterior06, MountAnthorExterior07
Special Features
Word Wall Ice Form
# of Alchemy Labs 1
Mount Anthor at night

Mount Anthor is a mountaintop dragon lair southwest of Winterhold and west of the Shrine of Azura. Its word wall teaches part of the Ice Form shout.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

Mount AnthorEdit

Before the dragons' return, the word wall will be guarded by two leveled warlocks.

After the dragons' return, the word wall will be guarded by a leveled dragon.

Regardless of whether Dragon Rising has been completed, there is an alchemy lab on the altar in the middle of the lair, one urn, and one burial urn. At the top of the main stairway in the center of the lair is the word wall.


  • Mount Anthor is the only dragon lair with no treasure chest.
  • Mount Anthor was the site of the battle between Olaf One-Eye and the dragon Numinex which occurred during the First Era.
  • The path southwest up the mountain to the lair continues to the south, then east, looping back to the Shrine of Azura. It appears that an avalanche killed a party of refugees on this path. Their three bodies, along with a wrecked cart piled up with their belongings, can be found partially buried in the snow. Among the detritus are a few useful items: a coin purse, a potion, an apothecary's satchel, a leveled battleaxe, and a copy of the Enchanting skill book Enchanter's Primer.
  • Mount Anthor also appears in Legends.


  • If the dragon at the wall is the subject of a bounty, it may not appear after the main quest has been completed.
  • Sometimes after killing the dragon, you won't absorb its soul. You may also be unable to harvest Dragon Heartscales with Kahvozen's Fang. ?
  • The dragon sometimes doesn't spawn correctly. This sometimes causes the compass to point towards an incorrect location, even if the map itself centers on the correct location.
    • Try console commands "prid 32AC2" and "moveto player" to have the dragon appear. You can confirm the correct id by checking the quest variables.
    • You can also skip the quest by using the console command "setstage BQ04 100", or "setstage FreeformSkyHavenTempleB 100".
    • If the dragon isn't dead or disabled (i.e. "prid 32AC2" and then getdead and getdisabled commands both return 0) you can simply use "prid 32AC2" and then "resetai". In a few seconds, the dragon will start circling around Mt. Anthor again. If the dragon is the target of a bounty quest, you may use the "sqt" console command to find its reference ID, a method which you may also use for any other target of a bounty quest (dragon, bandit, etc.).