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Skyrim:Garuk Windrime

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Garuk Windrime
(RefID: xx037FE4)
Added by Dragonborn
Location Gyldenhul Barrow
Race Nord Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25) Class Bandit Archer
RefID xx037FE4 BaseID xx037FE3
Other Information
Health 35-489
Magicka 25
Stamina 70-246
Primary Skills Archery, Light Armor, Sneak
Morality Any Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Voice Type MaleUniqueGhost
Respawns Yes
Faction(s) BanditFaction
Garuk Windrime

Garuk Windrime, a Nord archer, was the ship's quartermaster serving as part of the crew under the legendary pirate king Haknir Death-Brand. Upon entering the final chamber of Gyldenhul Barrow during the related quest, his spirit appears to fight you.

According to the book Deathbrand, Haknir put a curse on his armor and gave Garuk a map marked with four locations where each piece was to be buried before he was sealed away in his tomb. Garuk went with three pirates from the crew to what later came to be known as Haknir's Shoal to follow Haknir's orders, but succumbed to greed and temptation. He opened the chest containing Haknir's helm and put it on his head, hoping to become the next pirate king of legend. When you arrive at Gyldenhul Barrow, it becomes clear that Garuk was affected by Haknir's curse, as his spirit attacks you along with Haknir and his other crewmembers.

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