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Forebear's Note
The vengeful note of a Forebear sailor

Naha 'Mei Dogo Ra Gada Lonhe Trai.

The Crowns are fond of this saying. "The Forebears should know their place." They look upon us like commoners, the chaff from which the wheat is pruned.

I would remind you, Na-Totambu, that our place is not for you to decide. For we are the Warrior Wave of Ra Gada, the first men. It is our sweat that salts the earth. It is our tears from which the rain falls. It is our blood that beats in the heart of Hammerfell.

The throne of kings is one built upon our shoulders. It is by our grace, and our mercy, that the Crowns are allowed to sit. We know our place. Do not forget yours.