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Skyrim:Danica Pure-Spring

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Danica Pure-Spring
(RefID: 0001A69F)
Home City Whiterun
Location Temple of Kynareth
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Priest
RefID 0001A69F BaseID 00013BA5
Training Trainer (Master)Restoration (Master)
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 50
Stamina 83
Primary Skills Restoration, Smithing, Speech, Two-handed
Class Details TrainerRestorationMaster
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes,
until The Blessings of Nature is complete.
Voice Type FemaleNord
Faction(s) CrimeFactionWhiterun; Restoration Trainer; TownWhiterunFaction; WhiterunMarketShoppers; WhiterunTempleofKynarethFaction
Danica Pure-Spring

Danica Pure-Spring is a Nord priestess of Kynareth living in Whiterun where she tends to the sick and wounded inside the Temple of Kynareth. She is the master trainer in Restoration, but will only offer training after you've completed her quest The Blessings of Nature.

Recently, the legendary Gildergreen tree was struck by lightning and faded away, and with the Civil War raging, Danica has been forced to neglect her duties as priestess, including tending to the tree. Before the quest, Danica spends her mornings, from 7am to 1pm, sitting on one of the benches underneath the tree, trying to find someone to help her make the tree bloom again. She then spends the rest of her day healing the wounded soldier and sickly farmer inside the temple, and continues all through the night, at times conversing with her assistant Ahlam. During the quest, she patiently stays inside the temple until you return. This behavior continues after the quest is completed, due to a bug.

She wears hooded monk robes with boots and carries an iron dagger and a selection of lower-class items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


Her greetings:

"Welcome, child."
"Hello, child of Kynareth" (The Blessings of Nature is completed)
"Lately it seems I am more nurse than priestess, tending to those who have suffered, both in mind and body, from this terrible war."
"These are trying times for us all, I know. Many come to the Temple of Kynareth to pray, and I assist them as best I'm able."


You're a priestess of Kynareth?
"Indeed. The temple here in the city is my charge. The goddess's divine blessings have no doubt helped make Whiterun a thriving and prosperous city. After all, it is she who brings rain to our crops and fair weather on the harvest days."
Has the Stormcloak uprising affected your duties?
"Somewhat, yes. At first it seemed a distant thing, heard only in the idle speech of guards and traders. When the wounded soldiers began to return from battle, I did what I could to help them. As more of the sick and injured came to the temple, my work as a healer became more important than my duties as a priestess. I wish only an end to the fighting, so that I can tend to the temple once more."

Her goodbyes:

"Grace of Kynareth be with you."
"May Kynareth's winds blow you to fortune."
"Travel great Skyrim, and Kynareth travels with you."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Blessings of NatureEdit

"This is the Gildergreen."

With the Civil War raging, Danica has been forced to neglect one of her most sacred obligations to her goddess—tending the Gildergreen tree just outside the temple—because of the strain that the war is exerting on her primary obligation: caring for and comforting the sick and injured. As a result, the tree seems to have faded away and Danica needs a helping hand. She spends most of her time sitting underneath the tree, saying:

"It's a shame, isn't it?"
What's so special about this tree?
"This is the Gildergreen. It was planted as a seedling in the early years of Whiterun. Disciples of Kynareth could sense something holy in it, and traveled far to hear the winds of the goddess in its branches. They built the temple. Of course, not as many pilgrims these days."

If she is not near the tree:

I heard something happened to the tree at the temple.
"The Gildergreen, yes. It's a bit of an eyesore at the moment. More of a problem for the pilgrims than for me, but not many of them around anymore."

If she is in the temple:

Tell me about this temple.
"This is the Temple of Kynareth. The Gildergreen, outside, was planted as a seedling in the early years of Whiterun. Disciples of Kynareth could sense something holy in it, and traveled far to hear the winds of the goddess in its branches. Of course, not as many pilgrims these days."

Regardless you can continue with:

Why haven't the pilgrims been coming?
"A big dead tree isn't very inspiring if you're coming to worship the divine of wind and rains. Kynareth gives life, and we need a living tree to be her symbol."
What's so special about this tree?
"To the east of here is a hidden grove where the Eldergleam resides. It's the oldest living thing in Skyrim. Maybe all of Tamriel. Our tree here in the city was grown from a cutting of that tree. You can still feel the glory of the mother tree through it."

Alternatively, if you never heard the rumor about the tree from Hulda, she will provide even more background information:

Tell me more about Eldergleam.
"It's an old tree. Very old. They say it was a seedling when the first men were arriving from Atmora, thousands of years ago. The sap is precious. It can restore barren fields or bring life to rocks. I can use it to repair the Gildergreen, so we can worship properly again."

Either will lead to:

Is there any way to revive the tree?
"I've thought about that... Trees like this never really die. They only slumber. I think if we had some of the sap from the parent tree, we could wake up its child. But even if you could get to the Eldergleam, you couldn't tap it. Not with any normal metal."
Where is the tree?
"If you want to help, you'll need something to cut into it first. You'll have to deal with the Hagravens. I've heard about a weapon they've made for sacrificing Spriggans. It's called "Nettlebane." The hags terrify me, or I would have gone after it myself."
What kind of weapon would work?
"Eldergleam is older than metal, from a time before men or elves. To even affect it, you have to tap into the old magic. You'll have to deal with the Hagravens. I've heard about a weapon they've made for sacrificing Spriggans. It's called "Nettlebane." The hags terrify me, or I would have gone after it myself."

Either leads to:

I'll get Nettlebane for you.
"Your spirit is strong. Kynareth's winds will guide your path. It's held in a Hagraven nest called Orphan Rock."

When you return from Orphan Rock, Danica has received a visit from a traveling pilgrim, namely Maurice Jondrelle who is understandably upset about the current state of the Gildergreen and now spends his time bothering the busy priestess:

"I really don't have time to deal with you right now."
Maurice: "What is it... what has happened to the Gildergreen? I have traveled long here to worship beneath its branches."
Danica: "It was taken by a lightning strike. Wish I had time to deal with it, but it's hard enough with all these wounded from the war."
Maurice: "Please, don't just let it stay like this. It's disgraceful."
Danica: "I really don't have time to deal with you right now. Please just let me get back to my work."
Maurice: "But this is supposed to be your work."

When she sees you, she will ask:

"So, have you gotten Nettlebane back from those filthy Hagravens yet?"
I've found Nettlebane for you.
"Oh. I... well, I honestly didn't expect you to come back. Of course, I'm glad you did! Now... I don't really want to touch that thing, though. Do you think you could handle the next steps?"
What needs to be done?
"Eldergleam's sanctuary grove is to the east of here. You can use Nettlebane to retrieve some of its sap."
Why do we need Nettlebane?
"The hags are hateful of anything which grows from the earth. They made the weapon strong against the natural world. It's the only thing I've even heard of that could cut Eldergleam. Stick it in, give it a twist, and the stuff will just flow out."

At the Eldergleam Sanctuary you have two possibilities; either extract the sap using Nettlebane or let Maurice Jondrelle create a sapling for you. She will be grateful if you've extracted the sap:

I've got the sap.
"Wonderful. I'll use it to repair the tree. Thank you so much for all your help."

The sapling, however, will render her exasperated:

I've got a sapling.
"But... I can't run the Temple without the support of people who are inspired by the Gildergreen. How can this little tree bring new worshippers?"
That's not really my problem.
"You're right. It's mine. I may not live to see this little one grow into a new Gildergreen, but I can be remembered as the woman who planted it. I thank you. And may Kynareth's soft rains fall before you."
Maurice said that renewal is more important than maintenance.
"I... you're right of course. It can be hard to hear the winds of Kynareth when all you hear are the rabble in the temple. Death feeds new life. I'm sure that, in time, this little sapling will grow into a new Gildergreen that will tower over Whiterun. Thank you."

All three options will end the quest and Danica will now be available as the master trainer in Restoration.


Danica also has an associate in Morthal named Idgrod the Younger, the sister of troubled child Joric. During the Delivery quest, Idgrod will ask you to deliver a note to Danica who has been treating Joric. When you hand the note to Danica:

I have a delivery from Idgrod the Younger.
"Joric's sister? Poor child. Magic runs deep in that family's bloodline. It's not always a blessing. Thank you for this. Something for your trouble."


Inside the Temple of Kynareth, Danica and fellow healer Ahlam will often discuss Ahlam's useless husband Nazeem. Danica always starts the conversation and chooses between a number of random statements and Ahlam will do the same, as seen in the table below:

Speaker Conversation
Danica "Something wrong, Ahlam?"
"Are you alright, Ahlam? You haven't seemed yourself today."
"What's wrong, dear friend? You seem... distracted today."
Ahlam "Oh, it's Nazeem. He's been spending more and more time fawning over the Jarl. I swear, we're hardly ever home at the same time anymore."
"It's nothing, I just... It's Nazeem. How did we get to this point, Danica? Is there no love left between us?"
"Hmm? Oh, well... To be honest, I was just thinking of Nazeem. The gap between us seems to be widening. He is just so... self-absorbed."
Danica "Now, now, my friend. You must look on the bright side. If soldiers storm the city, there's a good chance your husband may get killed."
"If you don't mind me saying so, Ahlam, your husband is a damn fool. Any moment spent thinking about him is a moment wasted."
"Ahlam, let's be honest. Your husband is an arrogant, domineering buffoon. These are the words you used to describe him to me... remember?"
"Oh dearest, who cares? So your husband is a lout. The work you do here, with me, is invaluable. The people of Whiterun know your true worth."
Ahlam "But it's more than that. Nazeem is obsessed with this civil war, as is all of Skyrim. I swear, it will consume us all."
"Maybe Nazeem's obsession has merit. This civil war seems so big, so unceasing... I'm afraid, Danica. Afraid for us all."
"Ha! Well, when you put it like that, it certainly puts things into perspective. But enough wallowing. And thank you, Danica."
"Oh, you are terrible. You do know that, right? Ha ha ha ha ha."

She can be seen talking to the patients:


  • Danica was supposed to sleep inside the temple every night between midnight and 7am (8am after the Gildergreen is restored), but her bed is slightly further away than her sleeping package allows her to go. As a result, she keeps tending to the patients all through the night.