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Shivering:Leveled Item Quests

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There are various quests which are rewarded with Leveled Items, it is worth avoiding these until at a higher level, so for quick reference these quests (along with their rewards) are listed below.

Quest Reward(s) Strongest at
The Antipodean Hammer Amber Armor, Amber Weapons, Madness Armor, and Madness Weapons 23+ *
Baiting the Trap Dawnfang/Duskfang, Talisman of Abetment 30+
Through the Fringe of Madness Charity of Madness 25+
The Cold Flame of Agnon Raiment of Arden-Sul or Raiment of Intrigue 30+
Everything In Its Place Ring of Mind Shielding 25+
Final Resting Ring of Happiness 25+
Ghosts of Vitharn Count Cirion's Helmet 23+
The Helpless Army Dark Seducer Armor or Golden Saint Armor 20+
A Liquid Solution Circlet of Verdure 25+
The Prince of Madness Sword of Jyggalag 18+ **
Ritual of Dementia Ring of Lordship (Dementia) and Nerveshatter 30+
Ritual of Mania Ring of Lordship (Mania) and Diadem of Euphoria 30+
The Roots of Madness Nerveshatter or Diadem of Euphoria 30+
Symbols of Office Shadowrend 30+
To Help A Hero Thorn Shield 30+

* This quest is open ended so it is possible to continue to get new rewards as you increase in level.
** The level of the sword is determined at the time Jyggalag spawned.