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Shivering:Final Resting

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Help Hirrus Clutumnus end his life.
Quest Giver: Hirrus Clutumnus in Crucible
Location(s): Crucible in New Sheoth
Reward: Ring of Happiness
ID: SE36
Hirrus Clutumnus often wanders at unsafe locations...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Hear rumors around Crucible about Hirrus Clutumnus.
  2. Talk to Hirrus Clutumnus.
  3. Meet him by the sewer grate at night and hear his proposition.
  4. Put him out of his misery.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Meeting HimEdit

Hirrus Clutumnus wants to die, according to the citizens of Crucible. He has lately taken to asking random people for their help with the twisted matter; locate him to see if the rumors are true. You can find Hirrus Clutumnus walking around town. Talking to him results in his asking you to meet him after dark by the sewer grate northeast of the large statue of Sheogorath that adorns the entrance to Crucible (at the south end of Crucible, southeast of Sickly Bernice's Taphouse).

A Quick ChatEdit

When you meet Hirrus near the grate, he tells you that he is miserable and wants to die. But he doesn't want to be the one to do it, because then he would end up like the poor souls on the Hill of Suicides, who endure an unhappy purgatory for eternity. Hirrus wants you to do the deed for him, but he doesn't want you to just outright attack him. He would like it to be a surprise, so that his last moments aren't totally terrifying. If he sees you after talking to him at the sewer grate he will say, "Stop! Take me unaware, not like this!" and flee, obviously not wanting a painful death. In fact, immediately after you finish your conversation outside the sewer grate, he will often cower in fear. It is easy to erroneously assume that this is your cue to kill him; don't, as there is a Dark Seducer posted right there at all times. Just walk away and wait for a better chance.

Assist and DescendEdit

Making it easy, Hirrus climbs the stairs near the palace in the evening and conveniently stands right at the top of a long drop, enjoying the view. If you choose to talk to him you are given an option to push him off the ledge to a swift death. You do not get a bounty if you kill him this way, and the nearby Dark Seducer standing on guard will say (in a seemingly gleeful tone), "Someone really ought to put up a railing. That happens all the time." Hirrus' final words before falling to his death are, "Peace at last. Thank you! Thank you..." Another option while he is on the ledge is to walk into him repeatedly until you nudge him off the edge, which will also count as a surprise and an accident.

It is also very easy to follow Hirrus and sneak attack him. If you have a high enough sneak rating, the attack should kill him in one blow, giving a quick and easy end to the quest and Hirrus' life. Be careful if you kill him this way, because you are likely to incur a bounty from the Dark Seducer guards. If you entered the Shivering Isles through the Mania Gate, then you can use the Blessing of Mania spell to provoke him into attacking an NPC such as a guard, which will result in his death.

You can also cast a frenzy spell on the nearby guard who will kill him and this will count as a surprise kill

If you kill him as requested, without him knowing he was about to die, you will find a key to his house on his body. Upstairs in the house is a jewelry box with a leveled Ring of Happiness, which counts as your reward and officially completes the quest. The ring is enchanted with Feather, Light, Water Walking, and Fortify Personality enchantments. In the jewelry box you will also find Hirrus Clutumnus's Will, which explains that he tried wearing the Ring of Happiness for a while, but it made him "feel odd - not myself".


  • Evidence of previous citizens falling to their deaths can be seen in the sewage ravine below the platform. There are a few scattered bones, rib cages, and pools of blood lying in the general vicinity of the drop.
  • A tombstone will appear after Hirrus' death in the New Sheoth Graveyard. Activate the tombstone to read his epitaph: "Hirrus Clutumnus never felt like he fit in anywhere. He fits in a coffin quite nicely, now."
  • The containers in Hirrus' house, including the jewelry box where you find the Ring of Happiness, are non-respawning containers and can be used to safely store items.
  • If you jump off the ledge after Hirrus, when you loot his corpse, the key may not yet be present. Wait for the quest message to appear, then loot his corpse again to get the key.


  • When you meet Hirrus by the sewer grate to initially hear his problem, you are given the option to respond 'I'm sorry, I can't help you out'. Answering as such will result in the quest staying active with the update "Hirrus Clutumnus has asked for my help, I've turned him down", and the marker staying on him. Unfortunately, unlike most other quests that can be delayed indefinitely with such an answer, speaking with Hirrus again at any time results in the "Best not to talk about it here. Meet me by the sewer grate near the statue." response. He will never return to the grate or converse with you normally, essentially "jamming" the quest.
    •   The Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch fixes this bug.
    • It is possible to take him to the sewer grate with a strong Command Humanoid spell, once the spell wears off talk to him and the quest should continue normally. You may need to push him a little bit so he stands close enough to the grate.
  • Using the cupboard in Hirrus Clutumnus' house to store items will set a stolen flag on your items when retrieved.
  • Hirrus' corpse will remain in Crucible forever as it is marked as a Quest Item.

Journal EntriesEdit

Final Resting (SE36)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Hirrus Clutumnus told me to meet him after dark at the sewer grate northeast of the statue of Sheogorath sitting on his throne.
15 Hirrus Clutumnus asked me for a favor, I've turned him down.
20 Hirrus Clutumnus has asked that I kill him.
30 Hirrus Clutumnus is dead, just as he wanted. I can now get my reward from his house. The key should be on his corpse.
40 I have Hirrus Clutumnus' house key. I should go claim my reward from his jewelry box.
200 Finishes quest  I've claimed my reward.
210 Finishes quest  Hirrus Clutumnus is dead. I'll never find out what he wanted.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  •   It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage SE36 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.