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Leveled Artifact: Shadowrend (00095360, 0009535E)
(All statistics are for level 30+ version)
(lore page)
Type Blade Two Hand/Blunt Two Hand
Editor ID SE11ShadowBlade## or SE11ShadowAxe##
Damage Damage 28
Damage Damage 28 Health Health 1000
Speed .85
Speed .85 Reach 1.3
Weight Weight 52/54 Value Value 9646
Damage Health 30pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
Charge/Cost = Uses 9000/117=76

Shadowrend is a weapon retrieved during the main quest. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

It can either be a claymore or a battleaxe. If your Blunt skill is greater than your Blade skill at the point when you enter the Grove of Reflection, you will receive the battleaxe. If your Blade skill is greater, or if the two skills have the same value, you will receive the claymore.

It is leveled to the character's level at the time it is received. It also has a leveled enchantment that casts Weakness to Magic and Damage Health on strike. The Damage Health effect is leveled with the weapon but the Weakness to Magic remains the same for every level with a magnitude of 15%.

How to Get ItEdit

Shadowrend is obtained in the quest Symbols of Office. When you reach the Grove of Reflection, you will have to battle with a shadow version of yourself. You must retrieve the blade/axe after defeating your clone, at which point the weapon is normally dropped on the ground. However, the clone drops Shadowrend only if it is equipped and unsheathed (see quest bugs for details). It helps to save before you fight your clone, in case it does not drop Shadowrend.

The Skull of Corruption glitch in combination with the Staff of Worms may also be used to retrieve it.


  • EditorID: SE11ShadowBlade## or SE11ShadowAxe##

In general, the sword and axe versions of Shadowrend have the same statistics, other than the governing skill. One exception is the weapon's weight for the maximum level version.

Level ID
Claymore / Battleaxe
Weight Health Value Damage Speed Reach Charge / Cost = Uses Enchantment
1-4 0008078A / 0008078F 10 200 910 12 .85 1.3 2000/26=76 Damage Health 2pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
5-9 0008078B / 00080790 25 350 1263 16 2500/33=75 Damage Health 5pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
10-14 0008078C / 00080791 30 400 1918 18 3500/46=76 Damage Health 10pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
15-19 0008078D / 00080792 45 700 4104 24 4700/62=75 Damage Health 15pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
20-24 0008078E / 00080793 50 800 6431 26 6000/79=75 Damage Health 20pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
25-29 0009535F / 0009535D 52 900 8038 27 7500/97=77 Damage Health 25pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs
30+ 00095360 / 0009535E 52/54 1000 9646 28 9000/117=76 Damage Health 30pts
Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 secs