Sentinel Bazaar
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Alik'r Desert
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
Sentinel Bazaar

The Sentinel Bazaar is a marketplace located in southern Sentinel. It is split into a western section and an eastern section by the bridge leading to Fahara'jad's castle. A Letter to Tavo from Nahrina is located on the counter beneath a blue tent on the far west side of the bazaar. Across from this tent is a recruiter for the Daggerfall Covenant. A cooking fire lies across the street from the recruiter. The Crown's Coster lies down the road west from the bazaar.

Merchants and StallsEdit

  • The Bloody Crescent — A weapons stall run by Gabir. Weaponsmith
  • Diviner's Delight — A stall owned by the mystic Vivonne Ancelet. Mystic
  • Dune-Singer Apparel — A light armor stall owned by Balabar. Tailor
  • Bent-Blade Outfitters — A medium armor stall owned by Ysarne. Leatherworker
  • Hollow Drum Haversacks — A stall run by the pack merchant Dahla. Pack Merchant
  • Sand-Sifter's Mercantile — A general goods stall run by Boussa. Merchant
  • The Sanded Scorpion — A stall owned by the woodworker Muruuna. Woodworker
  • Stone Hammer Armorers — A heavy armor stall run by Ragbul. Armorer
  • Izrunath Grocer
  • Lucienne Mavine Leatherworker