Online: People
Home City The Hollow City
Location Tower of Lies, Fighters Guildhall
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Sinfay is a Redguard member of the Fighters Guild. She is first encountered as a prisoner in the Tower of Lies after her group was captured. After being rescued, she later takes part in the final assault against Molag Bal at the Endless Stair.

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Truth, Lies, and PrisonersEdit

After Skordo sends you to find his friends, Sinfay can be found chained up in one of the caves on the bottom level of the pit, she can then be freed.

Sinfay: "Skordo sent you, didn't he? Thank Tall Papa!"
Sinfay: "Let me just grab a weapon a weapon before I go to meet Skordo at the rendezvous. Maybe I'll take out an Ogrim or two on my way."

She will then gear up and run out of the cave. Sinfay can be met again outside the entrance to the Liar's Passage, along with Skordo and Vikord Skullcleaver.

"I'm still a little banged up, but we'll do our best to rally the troops and meet you upstairs."

Once you have gotten in contact with Captain Eilram, Sinfay and the others will have met up with the other survivors at Captain Arakh's camp. At this point she just wants to leave.

"I am so ready to shake the dust of this place from my boots."

The Hollow CityEdit

Eventually she will find her way to the Fighters Guildhall in the Hollow City, where she will be resting up.

"It's a relief to be here in the Hollow City, but I wonder if I'll ever see my home again."

Crossing the ChasmEdit

While you fight your way through the Chasm Sinfay can be found with Vikord guarding the way to the portal to the second tier. She and him have a wager going on.

"Vikord and I have a wager in play. Just to make things more interesting. Whoever collects the most Dremora hearts wins."

Alternatively[verification needed — see talk page]

"I hate this place. I miss the warmth and the golden glow of Alik'r."[verification needed — where did line come from?]

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