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Captain Eilram
Location Tower of Lies, The Reaver Citadel
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Captain Eilram

Captain Eilram is a Redguard member of the Fighters Guild who can be found at the Tower of Lies. His group was captured after encountering a Daedra patrol. Though he is not restrained, the master of the Tower has been effecting his mind and making him increasingly paranoid. However, unlike others he is still aware that something is wrong.

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Truth, Lies, and PrisonersEdit

Captain Eilram can be found on the upper level of the pit, agitatedly walking around.

"Spies! There are spies everywhere! And assassins!"
Skordo sent me to find you.
"Skordo? He could be one of Arakh's assassins! You could be one of her spies! Never trust an Orc. Or a spy!
Blessed Leki … I just don't know who or what to believe anymore. This place is getting to me. To all of us."
I'm not a spy. I'm trying to help.
"That's what any competent spy would say. Wouldn't hurt to prove you're not an illusion. Or a spy.
Tell you what. My sword is back there, with the ogrims that attacked us. You get my sword for me and we'll talk. Meet me near Arakh's camp."
I have a few questions. / What happened to Arakh?
"This place, it does things to your mind. Arakh's gone mad. Says I killed her second in command. She attacked us and ran off.
Now she has her own camp to the west. And she keeps sending spies and assassins to kill me!"
Have you talked to Arakh?
"Before this place made her crazy, Arakh was a good friend. Now …?
I need to get Arakh back on board or get her out of the way. Then I can get everyone out of here. I'll head over and talk to her again."
How did you wind up on this level?
"The Dremora dragged us down here and split us up. Easier to maintain control, I'm sure.
I know the Dremora are using mind tricks against us, but the constant torment gets to you. It wears you down. Makes it hard to think straight."
What's so important about your sword?
"It's my sword. And my father's before me. I dropped it while fighting one of the ogrims.
If you aren't an illusion, you'll recover it for me. If you are an illusion, I figure you'll disappear and that will be the end of that."

If you speak with again after agreeing to find his sword, he will instead say: "I'll answer your questions. As long as they're not spy questions."

Once you have found Captain Eilram's sword, you can find him at Arakh's camp where he is in a standoff with an increasingly paranoid Captain Arakh. By now he will have realized you are not an illusion.

"I guess you aren't an illusion, after all. Skordo also vouched for your existence. He doesn't vouch for anything, so you must have really impressed him."
I recovered your sword.
"I almost expected you to stab me with it, not hand it to me. Hard to trust anything in this place.
But as you can see, we have a situation developing here. Arakh can barely refrain from attacking us. We need to fix this now."
Any suggestions on how to accomplish that?
"Arakh says she can't stop the voices without her helmet.
She said the eyes have it. I think she means the watchers. Maybe the helmet will calm her down."
I'll find her helmet.
"Thank you for doing this. Sinfay wanted to retrieve it herself, but to be honest, we're not at our best right now. None of us could survive a battle with a watcher."

When have found the helmet, Eilram will hope that it works.

"I hope that helmet does the trick. If that doesn't put her in a more reasonable state of mind, we may have to turn to a more forceful solution."

After you give Arakh her helmet back, she will accuse Eilram of murder and the two will begin to have a back and forth.

Captain Arakh: "You killed Ifriz, Eilram! What else could there possibly be left to talk about?"
Captain Eilram: "Get a hold of yourself, Arakh! Ifriz isn't one of ours. He's the bastard that runs this place."
Captain Eilram: "You're being manipulated. Here's our roster. You won't find Ifriz on it."
<Captain Arakh will walk up to Eilram to read the roster.>
Captain Arakh: "Let me see that! I'm sure I knew him. Didn't I?"
Captain Eilram: "We need to figure a way to get out of this Tower of Lies."
<Lyranth the Dremora will suddenly appear.>
Captain Arakh: "Who's that? Is that a Dremora?"
Lyranth: "I grow weary of this situation. It's time to put an end to Ifriz's interference."
Lyranth: "You need to kill Ifriz. I need him dead. It seems we have a common goal to discuss."
Captain Arakh: "Help from a Dremora? Why doesn't that reassure me?"

Upon Lyranth's appearance, Eilram will understandably be wary of her.

"A Dremora wants to help us? It has to be another trick. Be careful of that one."

After hearing the Dremora's proposal:

"I still don't trust the Dremora, but killing Ifriz would certainly make me feel better. Anything that shuts him up would be a welcome reprieve."

Once Ifriz is dead and the exit opened, Captain Eilram will be waiting for you by the portal and one of the Lights of Meridia.

"You kept your head and did very well, my friend. The Fighters Guild owes you a debt.
Before you go, you should take the crystal over there. I'm no scholar, but I bet it's a Light of Meridia. That's probably why Ifriz kept it behind the barrier."

The Reaver CitadelEdit

Captain Eilram at the Reaver Citadel

Captain Eliram can be re-encountered during the battle at the Reaver Citadel.

does he have dialogue here, I couldn't talk to him during quest.
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