Online:Pledge: White-Gold Tower

Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: Undaunted / Cyrodiil

Prove you are truly Undaunted by clearing White-Gold Tower.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Urgarlag Chief-bane at the Enclave Elden RootWayrestMournhold
Location(s): White-Gold Tower
Prerequisite Quest: Taking the Undaunted Pledge
Concurrent Quest: Planemeld Obverse
Reward: Undaunted Key (2 if Death Challenge completed)
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 5431
Required Level: 45
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
White-Gold Tower
Urgarlag Chief-bane has challenged me to explore the White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Kill The Adjudicator.
  2. Kill The Planar Inhibitor.
  3. Kill Molag Kena.
    VeteranYou can only complete the Death Challenge in Veteran Mode.
    • Defeat Molag Kena after reading the Obelisk Tome.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Speak to Urgarlag Chief-bane and she will provide the details of her quest.

What's the pledge today?
"The White-Gold Tower! The hordes of Molag Bal took it in their invasion of Imperial City. They mock us from the Ruby Throne! Toss these damn Daedra out from the highest window and put the Empire back in mortal hands!"
And if I can handle more than that?
"That's the right attitude! Don't just defeat them. Crush them!
Read the Obelisk Tome. Bless them with Molag Bal's might. Then butcher the Xivkyn Sovereign and her minions. Prince of Domination my arse!'
I pledge to seek out the White-Gold Tower and return Undaunted.

Travel to the White-Gold Tower and clear it of enemies. More details can be found on the page itself.

Once complete, return to Urgarlag to claim your reward.

"I expected to hear the White-Gold Tower topple from here. I suppose you'll tell me you left it standing."
I did, but I've ousted the imposter [sic] Empress Regent.
"Then I suppose I'll forgive you. Would have made for a better story my way."
So am I worthy of a reward?
Condition Dialogue
Normal mode completed "The Daedra will be back, I'm sure. Whether they bring a pretend empress again is anyone's guess. For now, victory!
Claim your key and your cut. Tomorrow we can take bets on who'll sit on the Ruby Throne.
Veteran mode or Veteran Hard Mode completed "If the Ruby Throne wasn't really red, it had better be now — or whatever color the Daedric imposter [sic] bled. You get the idea.
Have your key and your cut. Tomorrow there'll be more carnage. Promise."

Speaking to her before completing the quest will cause her to remark:

"Scaling the White-Gold Tower shouldn't be too hard for you. Unless I've misjudged.
Hah, I wouldn't do that to you! Only the bloodiest, most grueling tasks for my favorites."

Quest StagesEdit

Pledge: White-Gold Tower
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I have agreed to enter the White-Gold Tower in Imperial City. To be truly Undaunted I must destroy the Adjudicator, the Planar Inhibitor, and the Xivkyn Sovereign Molag Kena.
Objective: Kill the Adjudicator
Objective: Kill the Planar Inhibitor
Objective: Kill Molag Kena
Hidden Objective: Enter White-Gold Tower in Veteran Mode

(Appears when you enter the Veteran Mode Dungeon.)
Urgarlag Chief-bane presented me with another challenge: read the Obelisk Tome and defeat Molag Kena.

Optional Step: Read Obelisk Tome and Defeat Molag Kena
I've cleared the White-Gold Tower. I should find Urgarlag Chief-bane in my alliance's capital city.
Objective: Return to Urgarlag Chief-bane
☑Finishes quest Urgarlag Chief-bane is waiting to speak to me once again in my alliance capital.
Objective: Talk to Urgarlag Chief-bane