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Online:Old Snagara

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Old Snagara
Location Poacher's Encampment
Species Echatere
Health 1,857,655 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Old Snagara

Old Snagara is an ancient echatere being held at the Poacher's Encampment in Wrothgar. She serves as the world boss for the area, and will break out of her cage to challenge you after you defeat three waves of poachers.

Old Snagara has been a lucrative source of profit for the poachers, as she is oddly fertile. There is a note near her enclosure that details how to care for her, and that every now and then, she pops out another echalette. The echalettes in small cages around the encampment may be her spawn.

She has a chance to drop the Onyx Accent Stones antiquity lead for the Ring of the Pale Order.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A basic melee attack executed if you are close enough to the boss. Deals a moderate amount of physical damage.
Rear Attack
The echatere rears its head back and deals a quick blow to you should you be close enough. Can be dodged by moving away from the boss.
Vile Spit
The echatere spits a poisonous substance at you from its mouth, dealing a moderate amount of poison damage. Can be mitigated by blocking or dodged entirely by a well-timed dodge roll. If she is enraged, she can use this attack twice in a row.
Exude Poison
The echatere stands in place and shakes vigorously, releasing noxious fumes over a moderately sized portion of the ground. The AoE persists for a long time, making maneuvering through the battlefield tedious if they begin to pile up.
The echatere slams its powerful limbs on the ground, sending forth three shockwaves. If she is enraged, the number of shockwaves increases to four.
The Rustler poachers periodically join the battle in groups of four or five to aid Snagara. The most dangerous ones are the Rustler Fear Mages due to their fear CC effects. If left unchecked, the Rustler Healer can also restore the health of the boss, prolonging the fight.
The echatere runs toward one of its captive offspring. Seeing this enrages it for quite some time, doubling the damage of its aforementioned attacks.


There are several achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
   Defender of Orsinium 15 Defeat four Wrothgar world bosses.
   Echatere Executioner 10 Kill Old Snagara the echatere in the Poacher's Encampment.
   One at a Time 5 Complete 1 world boss daily job for Arzorag in Orsinium within the Wrothgar zone.
   Lucky Seven 10 Complete 7 world boss daily jobs for Arzorag in Orsinium within the Wrothgar zone.
   Monster Hunter of the Month 15 Complete 30 world boss daily jobs for Arzorag in Orsinium within the Wrothgar zone.