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Online:Master Crafter Achievements

Elder Scrolls Online: Achievements: Crafting Achievements(Redirected from Online:Master Woodworker)
ON-icon-achievement-Master Alchemist.png Master Alchemist
ON-icon-achievement-Master Blacksmith.png Master Blacksmith
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clothier.png Master Clothier
ON-icon-glyph-armor-Glyph of Health.png Master Enchanter
ON-icon-achievement-Master Jewelry Crafter.png Master Jewelry Crafter
ON-icon-achievement-Master Provisioner.png Master Provisioner
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Master Woodworker
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 50 each
Needed for Professions Master
Dye Alchemist BiliousAlchemist Bilious
Smith Steel BlueSmith Steel Blue
Clothier PurpleClothier Purple
Enchanter TangerineEnchanter Tangerine
Antique SilverAntique Silver
Provisioner BrownProvisioner Brown
Woodworker YellowWoodworker Yellow
Furnishing(s) 000050005,000 Gold each:

Alchemist's Sign
Blacksmith's Sign
Clothier's Sign
Enchanter's Sign
Banner, Jewelry Crafting
Provisioner's Sign
Woodworker's Sign

Attain an [ Alchemy / Blacksmithing / Clothing / Enchanting / Jewelry Crafting / Provisioning / Woodworking ] rank of 50.

Master Alchemist, Master Blacksmith, Master Clothier, Master Enchanter, Master Jewelry Crafter, Master Provisioner, and Master Woodworker are awarded for reaching the maximum rank of 50 in each of the 6 crafting skills. These skills can be improved by crafting or upgrading items, deconstructing or researching existing items, and completing Crafting Writs. Characters of the Orc race will have the easiest time of this due to their Craftsman ability. These achievements will allow you to buy associated crafting signs for your home for 000050005,000 Gold each, as in the table below:

Achievement Item Purchase From
Master Alchemist Alchemist's Sign (page) Alchemists
Master Blacksmith Blacksmith's Sign (page) Blacksmiths
Master Clothier Clothier's Sign (page) Clothiers
Master Enchanter Enchanter's Sign (page) Enchanters
Master Jewelry Crafter Banner, Jewelry Crafting (page) Narwaawende
Master Provisioner Provisioner's Sign (page) Chefs
Master Woodworker Woodworker's Sign (page) Woodworkers