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For dread Molag Bal, it is not enough that his enslaved minions labor ceaselessly on his behalf. They must also be made to suffer.
Halls of Torment
Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 1
Tharn Doppelganger, Lyris Doppelganger, Varen Doppelganger
Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Assassin, Skeletal Brute, Skeletal Soldier, Skeletal Sword Saint, Seducer Cutthroat, Seducer Deadeye, Seducer Nightblade, Seducer Predator
Quest Chain
Main Quest
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Solo Only Yes
The Chamber of Agony in the Halls of Torment

The Halls of Torment are a prison stronghold in Coldharbour. Prisoners here suffer unending torment at the hands of Molag Bal's Duchess of Anguish. The location is split into four areas. A fifth area, the Cloister of Contempt, is labeled on a door in the first room, but is inaccessible.

Related QuestsEdit

The Halls of TormentEdit

Chamber of HumiliationEdit

The Chamber of Humiliation

When you first enter the Halls, you'll end up in a subterranean tunnel filled with corpses and surrounded by lava. Spike traps line the hall. Skeletal brutes, assassins, soldiers and archers are your first obstacles. The most important part of this area is a large chamber filled with swords and bookshelves. A simulacrum of Abnur Tharn is here, tormenting Sai Sahan with his failure to revive the art of sword-singing. The doppelganger summons Skeletal Sword Saints during combat. Proper Torture Techniques, Vol. 13 is located on a table in the southeastern corner of the chamber.

Brimstone SteppesEdit

The Brimstone Steppes

This passage takes you over a scenic cliffside which overlooks an endless Chasm. An island dotted with Daedric ruins floats in the distance. More skeletons guard this path.

Chamber of Dark SeductionEdit

The Chamber of Dark Seduction

The hallway leading to this chamber is dark and full of skeletal remains. There are plenty of containers to loot here. A harvester pretending to be Lyris Titanborn is trying to use Sai's affection for his friend to make him reveal the Amulet of Kings's location. Dark Seducers protect shielding stones in four corners of the room. Proper Torture Techniques, Volume 8 is located in the center of the room. Skeletons guard the passage into the next room.

Chamber of AgonyEdit

The Chamber of Agony

Three weak copies of Varen Aquilarios torment Sai Sahan in the middle of this room. When you strike one, the Duchess of Anguish will appear. There are many containers in this room for you to loot.


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