Online:Lyris Doppelganger

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Lyris Doppelganger
Location Chamber of Dark Seduction, Halls of Torment
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 192735 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Varies
Lyris Doppelganger
The harvester

Lyris Doppelganger is a facsimile of Lyris Titanborn created by the Duchess of Anguish to torture Sai Sahan through using his secret crush on Lyris.

She is initially protected by a shield, but once all four shielding stones have been destroyed she will emerge and fight. Halfway through she'll transform into a harvester and continue the fight.


Outside The Chamber of Dark Seduction, you'll hear the doppelganger from behind the door:

"Just tell me where the amulet is and we can be together forever, Sai. Isn't that what we both want?"

When you enter the chamber, you can hear her say:

"Sai, my love. Where is the Amulet? If you tell me, this will all be over and we can finally be together."

The impostor will notice you when you enter the room.

"Intruders! They're after the amulet! Don't worry, my love. My sisters will deal with these pests."

Occasionally, she'll say something while you're trying to deactivate the Shielding Stones:

"Nothing can hurt you, Sai. Unless you want me to hurt you."
"You'll learn to love me, Sai. Even if it kills you."
"Now they've gone and spoiled the mood!"
"I'll protect you, my love!"
"I'll kill the intruders and bring you their heads, my love."
"If I can't give you my heart, I'll give you theirs … fresh, and still beating."

After the last one has been destroyed:

"I'll deal with them. You'll be safe here, my love."

When she transforms into a Harvester:

"Time to feast!"