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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate a Dragon's lair off the coast of Senchal.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Dragonguard
Quest Giver: Sai Sahan, Danouida
Location(s): Senchal, Senchal Palace, South Guard Ruins, Tideholm
Next Quest: Reformation
Reward: Venerable Dragonguard Sword
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6401
Sai Sahan is in need of assistance
A Dragon's lair is on a nearby island, and Sai Sahan believes it plans to attack Senchal. I agreed to help Sai sail to the island and slay the beast before it can harm the city.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Sai Sahan.
  2. Meet with General Renmus.
  3. Meet with Za'ji.
  4. Steal back Zaji's ship.
  5. Travel to the island, with your assembled party.
  6. Eliminate the dragon threat to Senchal.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Meeting Sai SahanEdit

While wandering Senchal, you may run across Sai Sahan. Sai needs your help snagging an appointment with General Renmus, the leader of Senchal's defenders. Sai Sahan seeks to fight back against the Dragon invasion, and he needs the General to provide him resources.

He says a dragon nests on a nearby island and that it needs to be slain before it attacks Senchal. However, no ship in the city will sail his Dragonguard to a Dragon's lair. He asks you to help him convince General Renmus to lend the Dragonguard a ship so they can reach the island and slay the beast.

Gaining an Audience with the GeneralEdit

Sai Sahan says the paperwork needed to meet with an Imperial general would take days to file and the dragon could attack at any moment. Luckily, Sai has a plan: he gives you a handful of jewels and these instructions (these can be completed in any order):

  1. Bribe the Clerk: You must bribe Renmus's scribe Nadama to put Sai on the schedule. You'll find her in the tavern.
  2. Pay the Forger: You need to speak to Darkhu in the city's outskirts, just south of Senchal. He will forge the credentials needed to meet with the General.
  3. Steal the Manifest: You must meet with Arniel Branck, who is scheduled to meet with the general today. Steal the manifest from Arniel's vessel, which is docked in the harbor. This will cause the dock master to detain Arniel, giving the two of you enough time to speak with the general.
  4. Meet Sai Sahan at the palace when this is done.

Sai Sahan will learn all he can about the Dragon hunt in the meantime.

Bribe the ClerkEdit

Renmus's Clerk is in the The Sweet Breezes Inn, which is on the west side of Senchal. Nadama is sitting in the corner. When asked to be put on the general's schedule, she laughs you off and says that General Renmus's schedule is full today. Give her the jewels to convince her to put you on the schedule: she says you will also need to secure the proper documents and delay the General's previous appointment.

Pay the ForgerEdit

As you approach the forger's location on the map (south of The Sweet Breezes Inn), you will hear him talking to this daughter about the dragons. Tell him you need diplomatic papers to get you and a friend in to see General Renmus, and offer the jewels given to you by Sai Sahan as payment. He gives you the papers and recommends that you make an appointment with the general as so you don't end up walking in unannounced.

Steal the ManifestEdit

Proceed to the docks on the north side of Senchal. Arniel Branck's Manifest is sitting on a crate north of the dockmaster's desk. Beyond it stands Branck himself. Steal the manifest when no one is looking. After taking it, the dock master goes over to check for Arniel's manifest and tells him that he can't see the general because all ships docked in Senchal are required by law to have a manifest. His meeting with the general has successfully been delayed.

Renmus's Clerk
Steal the Manifest
"Do you play games with this one? There's no manifest on this crate."

Meet With the GeneralEdit

Once all 3 tasks have been completed, return to the palace in Senchal and meet up with Sai Sahan. You will inform him that everything is ready for the appointment. Sai says that a ship with no identifying banners sailed directly to the Dragon's island recently, so you may not be the only Dragon hunters in Southern Elsweyr.

Sai Sahan approaches the palace, shows the guard his paperwork, and is let into the castle. General Renmus' office is in the far right corner of the castle. Sai requests a ship to hunt down the nearby dragon, but the general is not enthusiastic about Sai's presence in his office. Sai suggests that you should do the talking.

"So you're a companion of the infamous Captain Sai Sahan. Though I suppose that title no longer means anything, given the current state of Cyrodiil.
Well then. Care to share how you plan to slay this Dragon?"
We plan to travel to a nearby island and hunt the Dragon down. That's why we need a ship.
"An admirable venture, I'll admit, if not a foolhardy one.
Unfortunately, I have neither the ship nor crew to lend you for such an expedition. The city is chaotic enough as it is, and I can't afford to spread my resources."
You have to let us try. This Dragon could attack Senchal at any moment.
"Which is precisely why I can't agree to your request. If a Dragon does attack Senchal, I need every soldier and ship under my command here to defend the city.
I'm sorry. Your cause is commendable, but my mind is made up."
I understand. We'll look for a ship elsewhere.

You inform General Renmus that you plan to travel to a nearby island to hunt a Dragon, and need a ship. He says he has no ship or crew to lend for a expedition, and tells you that if a Dragon does attack Senchal, he'll need all of his resources to defend the city. You're going to need to look elsewhere for a ship.

Meeting with the General

Exit the palace for a conversation with Sai. Outside the palace, the general's daughter Aeliah Renmus approaches, claiming she knows someone that could help.

"Hello! I'm Aeliah Renmus. General Renmus's daughter. I couldn't speak freely in front of my father, but I might know someone who can help you get to that island.
But tell me. Do you truly believe you can slay a Dragon?"
Yes, I think I can.
"Then I want to help. Or, well, send you to someone who can help you.
You should speak to Za'ji, captain of the Perfect Pounce. He may be a smuggler, but he cares about Senchal. And he's my friend. He can get you to that island."
So the general's daughter is friends with a smuggler.
"I know, I know. My father certainly wouldn't approve. Then again, he hasn't approved of most of my friends since we arrived in Senchal.
Not that my father's disapproval has any bearing on this conversation."
Where can I find Za'ji?
"He loiters around the city's outskirts, along with his first mate, Caska. Just look for a Dagi-raht and a Senche-raht arguing with each other. You can't miss them.
Oh, and tell them Aeliah sent you!"
Thank you. I'll see if Za'ji is willing to help.

You speak with Sai Sahan once more and he offers to tell you more about Senchal if you want to walk with him or you can meet him in the city's outskirts. If you decide to head directly to the outskirts, he tells you he will meet you there. You will need to go to the south side of Senchal (near the Outlaws Refuge) to meet Sai Sahan and Za'ji.

The Perfect Pounce CrewEdit

The Perfect Pounce

When you arrive, you'll find Za'ji wailing.

"Can't you see that Za'ji is grieving?
He has lost everything! His home! His heart! His one and only lady love! Oh, how can he go on?"
You lost your lady love? Who was she?
"The Perfect Pounce! The finest vessel to sail the Topal Bay.
Someone stole her as we slumbered. A heartless wretch! A thief without honor! A member of Za'ji's very own crew, he is sure of it! Nartise Merys. May he suffer a thousand salty cuts."
Do you know where your ship may be?
"No, but Nartise does. And Za'ji knows we can find him in South Guard Ruins. Pounce needs provisions before it sets sail, and that's where Nartise will get them.
But why are you offering to help, walker?"
Aeliah said you could sail us to a nearby island so we can slay a Dragon.
"Aeliah sent you? Then you must be walkers of honor! And this one must admit, slaying a Dragon sounds quite heroic ….
Very well, it's a deal! You help Za'ji get back his ship, he will take you to this island."
What's our first step?
"We must head to South Guard Ruins and search for Nartise. It is a coastal town of sorts, just south of Senchal.
With some persuasion, that clawless Dark Elf should let slip the location of the Perfect Pounce. Then we steal her back!"

Za'ji agrees to lend you his vessel if you can help him steal it back. Za'ji says Nartise is the newest member of his crew coming aboard only a few weeks ago, and believes the fact that Nartise disappeared at the same time as the Perfect Pounce means it cannot be a coincidence. Za'ji says Nartise will likely stock up before going out to sea. The South Guard Ruins used to be a fort, but is now the home to pirates and brigands who do not welcome outsiders: this is likely where Nartise has taken the Pounce.

Sai Sahan, Za'ji and Caska meeting at South Guard Ruins

Travel to South Guard Ruins on the southern tip of Southern Elsweyr. Upon arrival, you'll find Za'ji quarreling with his first-mate, Caska the Unconquered. They're arguing about tactics. Za'ji wants to infiltrate the encampment and take Nartise by surprise, while Caska want to mount a frontal assault.

You and Sai decide to separate from the crew and stick to your own approach. You'll start at the north entrance while Za'ji and Caska invade the other side of the encampment.

Za'ji has provided Sai with a map, and he's identified two places where you may find Nartise: the path should let you search most of the camp. Nartise is not at the northern location, so you'll need to search to the second location, which is inside an abandoned building. Nartise isn't there either, so you and Sai decide to head back to camp.

After crossing a foot bridge, you'll find yourself in front of the Desolate House. As soon as you open the door, Nartise jumps down an escape tunnel in the floor and locks it. Sai breaks the door open, and the two of you give chase. When you exit the tunnel, you'll find that Caska and Za'ji have already captured Nartise, and Sai instructs you to talk to him.

He admits that he stole the Pounce, but he doesn't have it anymore: he sold the ship to Admiral Irathi, but it is still berthed on the southern docks, where the Admiral is loading her up with slaves. Za'ji launches Nartise into the water then conveniently remembers he can't swim.

Nartise Captured

Za'ji presents you with a plan to retake the Pounce: he and Sai will draw away the slavers while you and Caska secure the ship. Discuss this plan with Sai, who is skeptical about Za'ji's honesty, but ultimately agrees. Split from Sai and head to the southeast dock.

You must kill Admiral Irathi to board the ship, then remove the wheel lock to seize the Perfect Pounce. Za'ji orders you to take the helm and flee the ruins. When you finally dock the Pounce, Aeliah Renmus jumps onboard, seeking to join you on your Dragon hunt. Before leaving, you can ask the crew if they are ready to hunt the dragon.

Caska says the odds are not good and you will have to improvise, which rarely goes well. You offer to let her stay in Senchal and she refuses, saying she will fight with you. You'll also talk to Sidura, who has been on the Pounce since Bahzahar the Bull was captain. She says she really likes Za'ji because he takes care of his crew, but that the ship probably would not function without Caska because she does everything necessary to keep the ship afloat. She's also never seen Caska lose a fight. Chizbari the Chipper is cleaning, and does not wish to be bothered. She does a good deal of menial tasks for the crew, including mopping the deck. Aeliah is excited to be a Dragon hunter, and will do what it takes to protect her home. Dirge Truptor says this isn't the first time Za'ji has lost his boat. He does practically everything for Za'ji, including cleaning grime and barnacles from the hull.

It's time to infiltrate the Dragon's lair. Za'ji will stay on the ship, but Caska wants to join the hunt. Sai agrees to allow Aeliah to join them, and that you have the Horn of Ja'darri, a dragonhorn, to help fight the beast. Another ship was seen headed toward the island: Sai isn't sure if their intentions are spotless, and tells you to stay on your toes. You then sail to the island.


You'll land on the back side of Tideholm Island, on a small beach where you'll have a discussion with Sai about the other docked ship. He suggests that the group splits up to cover more ground. He sends you north to find a cavern and begin searching for the Dragon. Meanwhile, Sai, Caska, and Aeliah will enter the grounds directly.

The entrance to Tidehold Cavern

When you emerge from the cavern, you'll find yourself on the Ancient Sanctum Balcony. There's a lever in front of a large window. Sai, Caska and Aeliah are in front of a large gate in the ruins below. Pull the lever to open the gate for them.

There is a door leading out of this small room which opens to a hallway that leads to another enclosed chamber with another lever and a window. Soon, you'll hear Sai order his group to hold their positions: from the window, you spy a group of New Moon Cultists poised to attack Sai's crew as soon as they open the gate. Pull the lever, and fire spews from the walls, killing the New Moon Cultists and opening the gate for Sai's crew.

Hunting the Dragon which roosts at Tideholm

Exiting the door on this balcony leads you back to another cavern which opens to a large room. On the far side of the room is a short staircase that takes you to another Sanctum Balcony with a large lever. This time, you see the Sai's group on a platform outside another gate where you hear them call out that the Dragon is overhead. Pull the lever which opens the gate, and Sai orders his crew to pursue the beast.

Upon exiting the final balcony you meet up with the group at the bottom of a large staircase. Approach Sai, who is fuming. He recognizes this place as a Dragonguard Sanctuary. You say that gives your group even more reason to slay this Dragon, to which Sai agrees. He tracked the Dragon's movements and says it should be just ahead. Aeliah and Caska are to stay back and guard the hall while you and Sai head up the stairs to confront the beast.

A New AllianceEdit

The stairs exit into the Dragon's lair. Sai blows the horn, which fails to work: the Dragon says that the horn is his and demands to know where you got it. Sai instructs you to talk to the Dragon, who introduces himself as Nahfahlaar. He does not fear you, and is willing to kill you if you seek battle: however, he would rather talk things out, and asks again where you found his horn.

"I am Nahfahlaar, I do not fear you, hunter. If you seek a battle, understand that it will be to the death.
I would rather talk, though. Where did you get my horn?
The Dragon Vahlokzin stole it from the Dragonguard. Now we have it back.
"Zu'u koraav. So it was Vahlokzin who hid it from me. To protect our kind from the horn's power, no doubt. Such an honorable fool.
And why do you seek to kill me? Are you one of Laatvulon's thralls?"
We came because we thought you were going to attack Senchal. Who is Laatvulon?
"My oldest foe. A Dragon of great power and evil intent. He gathered a cult to do his bidding and subjugated our brothers to his cause. Those who oppose him, die.
He plans to destroy this land. And me along with it."
So you aren't going to attack Senchal?
"Why would I attack the Kaaz city? It means nothing to me. Only Laatvulon matters.
You have dispatched many of my brother's followers, so I shall spare your lives. You may even keep my horn. I have no need of it."
All right, I understand.
Nahfahlaar the Dragon

Nahfahlaar says that an evil Dragon named Laatvulon seeks to kill him and destroy Elsweyr. He tells you that you can keep the horn, and that he doesn't care about Senchal: he is no danger to the citizens.

Soon enough, Caska and Aeliah approach, and Sai stops them from attacking the Dragon. Speak with Sai to end the quest.

"Well, I certainly didn't factor this into my plans.
The Dragonguard were very clear about their dealings with Dragons—hunt them, slay them, use their parts. Yet this one shares our goals."
What goals do we share?
"This Laatvulon seeks to destroy all of Tamriel. If Nahfahlaar wants to stop that, I'd say we have a common cause.
As the Redguard proverb tells us, if we share an enemy, let our blades strike as one."
Are you suggesting we make an alliance with Nahfahlaar?
"I may not like it, but Nahfahlaar possesses knowledge about Laatvulon that we just don't have. And the might of a Dragon at our disposal isn't something to toss away lightly.
Yes, I'd rather have Nahfahlaar on our side than against us."
But we came here to kill the Dragon.
"Our mission was successful, my friend. It just didn't end as we expected.
We secured passage to the island. We found the Dragon. And we made sure Senchal was safe … at least from this potential threat. Not bad for a day's work."
And now we're negotiating with a Dragon.
"We also need to learn more about this Dragon, Laatvulon. If it does indeed wish to destroy all of Tamriel, then an alliance is our best way to end that threat.
I'm just glad I have your support in this. Your help has already been invaluable."


  • Be careful not to commit a crime while Sai is following you during this quest, as you may get a bounty. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The Dragon's Lair
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sai Sahan awaits me in front of the Senchal Palace. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
  General Renmus, leader of Senchal's military forces, could get us the boat we need. I should hear how Sai plans to get us a meeting with the general.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
We need to meet with General Renmus as soon as possible. To do this, I must bribe his clerk, obtain forged credentials, and delay the merchant who is currently scheduled to meet with him.
Objective: Bribe Renmus's Clerk
Objective: Obtain Forged Credentials
Objective: Steal Merchant's Manifest
I now have the means to meet with General Renmus. I should let Sai know.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Sai must present our credentials to the palace guards before we can gain entry. I should wait for him to do so.
Objective: Wait for Sai Sahan
The guards granted us entry into the palace. Now we need to meet with General Renmus.
Objective: Meet General Renmus
Sai Sahan is proposing our plan to General Renmus. I should let him speak.
Objective: Meet General Renmus
General Renmus dismissed Sai Sahan's request. I should speak to the general and see if I can convince him to arrange our passage to the Dragon's island.
Objective: Talk to General Renmus
General Renmus refused our request, citing his lack of resources during these troubled times. We must find another way to reach the island. I should speak to Sai outside and see if he has any ideas.
Objective: Meet Sai Sahan Outside
Aeliah Renmus, the general's daughter, approached us. I should see what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Aeliah believes the smuggler Za'ji can help us reach the Dragon's island lair. I can find him and his crew in the outskirts of Senchal.
Objective: Find Za'ji in Senchal's Outskirts
Optional Step: Follow Sai Sahan to the Outskirts
I found Za'ji and his first mate Caska. I should see if he will agree to sail us to the Dragon's island lair.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji will sail us to the Dragon's lair if we help him recover his beloved ship, the Perfect Pounce. He believes we'll find the mer who stole it in South Guard Ruins. I should head there now.
Objective: Go to South Guard Ruins
Za'ji and Caska can't agree on a course of action for capturing Nartise Merys, the mer who Za'ji believes stole his ship. I should speak to Sai Sahan about our next move.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
While Caska and Za'ji sneak around South Guard Ruins and enter from the back, Sai and I will start our search for Nartise at the front. This should allow us to capture Nartise and interrogate him about the Pounce.
Objective: Search for Nartise Merys
We found Nartise, but he fled into a tunnel and locked the door behind him. I should wait for Sai to determine a course of action.
Objective: Wait for Sai Sahan
Sai smashed the trap door open. Now we can follow Nartise into the tunnel below. I should continue my pursuit.
Objective: Pursue Nartise Merys
Za'ji has suspended Nartise with magic. I should see if Nartise knows where we can find the Perfect Pounce.
Objective: Talk to Nartise Merys
Nartise revealed that he sold the boat to the slaver Admiral Irathi. Now that the Dark Elf has revealed his betrayal, Za'ji seems to have plans for his former crew member.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji catapulted Nartise deep into the sea. I should speak to him about what just occurred.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Nartise claimed that the Perfect Pounce is docked nearby. I should speak to Sai Sahan about our next step.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Sai and Za'ji will draw away as many slavers as they can. Meanwhile, Caska and I will secure the Perfect Pounce. I should head to the docks and look for the ship.
Objective: Find the Perfect Pounce
Admiral Irathi has locked the ship's wheel with thick chains. I should get rid of the chains and secure the ship until Za'ji and Sai return.
Objective: Seize the Perfect Pounce
Now that Caska and I have secured the Perfect Pounce, I must wait for Sai and Za'ji to board the ship.
Objective: Wait for Za'ji to Board
Before we depart for the Dragon's island lair, we need to pick up Za'ji's crew. I should sail the ship to Senchal.
Objective: Return Ship to Senchal
Aeliah has boarded the Perfect Pounce. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Za'ji's crew is on board and ready to set sail. I should speak to Sai about our departure.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Za'ji's crew is on board and ready to set sail. I should speak to Sai when I'm ready to depart.
Objective: Sail to the Island
We arrived on the back side of the island, on a small beach. There's another ship docked nearby, which means we're likely not the only ones on this island. I should speak to Sai about our next move.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
While Sai, Caska, and Aeliah enter the ruins directly, I need to see where a nearby cavern leads. I should head to the cavern now and begin my search for the Dragon.
Objective: Search for the Dragon
With my help, Sai and the others safely traversed the ruins. I should speak to him about our next step.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Sai believes the ruins are actually a Dragonguard sanctuary. With that revelation in mind, he's more determined than ever to slay this Dragon. I should follow him to the chamber ahead and search for the Dragon.
Objective: Enter the Dragonguard Chamber
Sai and I entered the chamber. We should search for the Dragon and prepare to fight the beast.
Objective: Find the Dragon
The Dragon was unaffected by the Horn of Ja'darri and now wishes to speak with us. Sai wants to keep his guard up in case the beast attacks. I should speak with the Dragon.
Objective: Talk to Dragon
The Dragon Nahfahlaar requested an alliance to defeat his brother Laatvulon. I should speak to Sai about this turn of events.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Finishes quest  Sai agreed to speak with Nahfahlaar about this alliance, and asked our companions to leave the room. I should see if he needs anything else.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
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