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Divad Hunding
(lore page)
Location HoonDing's Watch
Hall of Heroes
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ra Gada
Condition Spirit
Divad's spirit in the Alik'r Desert

Divad Hunding is a Redguard hero from the First Era who was the son of Frandar Hunding. He appears as a spirit at HoonDing's Watch after the physical trials are completed, where he provides a situation and asks you whether your duty or friends are more important. He later appears at the Hall of Heroes, where he asks you to light braziers in his mother's memory to earn his blessing.

Divad Hunding
(lore page)
Location Ancestral Crypt, The Valley of Blades
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Health 230211 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Eviscerator
Divad's skeleton in the Valley of Blades
Statue of Divad on top of his tomb

In the Valley of Blades, his skeleton is resurrected as an undead enemy. When walking past his tomb, Sai Sahan will comment "Divad Hunding, son of Frandar do Hunding Hel Ansei No Shira, the greatest of the Sword Saints. The hearth of every household in Hammerfell has small alcove containing a copy of his father's greatest work, The Book of Circles." He is later reanimated by Mannimarco, causing Sai to yell out "Blasphemy! How dare you raise the honored dead to fight your battles!"

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Trials of the HeroEdit

Divad scolds his father Frandar at the cave of Mt Hattu

When you approach Frandar Hunding, a flashback of Divad confronting his father takes place:

Frandar Hunding: "We must consider negotiation, my son."
Divad Hunding: "To the dogs with that! Hira has killed my mother—he killed your wife!"
Frandar: "What you say is true. But many more wives and sisters will die if we take up the sword."
Divad: "This cave has made a coward of you! We must fight!"

When you approach Divad at his shrine, a flashback of him speaking to one of his soldiers takes place:

Sword Saint: "The Goblins approach, my lord. They will slaughter our scouts!"
Divad Hunding: "We must hold this pass or the war is lost. Their sacrifice will be remembered always."
Sword Saint: "Many of our noblest warriors will be slain! How can you turn your back to them?"

Once the flashback ends, you can speak to him:

"A goat will run if you strike it. A jackal may bite if you give chase. Only man can choose to do nothing. The path of restraint is often the hardest. I pose to you a question—one that still haunts me.
Abide with me and listen carefully."
Yes. Go on.
"You are a scout for a great army, perched on a mountainside. In the pass below, a band of enemy soldiers slowly approach the position of your dearest friend.
Do you abandon your post to help your friend, or do you remain hidden to report the attack?"
I help my friend.
"Yes, your friend may die if you do not render aid. But if you fail to report the assault, is not the entire army put at risk? How many men could lose their lives for this one soldier?
One's loyalties are truly put to the test."
I remain hidden.
"So, you place duty above personal concerns. Your superiors would be pleased, certainly... but could you bear the guilt? Could you walk all the long trails of your life knowing that your inaction led to the death of your closest friend?"

When you speak to him after, regardless of the choice taken:

"To act... to not act. Each is a choice."

Trials and TribulationsEdit

Divad's mother defending him while Emperor Hira's men come to arrest him.

To gain access to the Chamber of Passage within the Hall of Heroes, you will need to gain the blessings of, long departed heroes. Divad will be one of them and can be found within his burial chamber.

"I sense great determination in you, living one, but very few of the living are foolish enough to trespass in these hallowed halls.
Even fewer are foolish enough to seek entrance into the Chamber of Passage. This is your intention though, is it not?"
Yes, and your father has given me his blessing.
"Then you have already achieved in life that which gave me great difficulty.
My father's influence, though, was only one aspect of what guided my life's purpose. In truth, it was my mother's role, the sacrifice she made, that defined my destiny."
What sacrifice did your mother make?
"When Emperor Hira's soldiers came to arrest me, they struck my mother and she was slain. It wasn't until that moment I embraced the way of the sword.
To earn my blessing, light the braziers in the chamber above in the colors to honor her sacrifice."
All right. How do I light the braziers?
"You'll find the braziers are already lit. You must simply cycle through the colors on each brazier to match the memory of my mother's final moments.
It's getting the colors in the correct order that matters."
How do I know the order of the colors?
"Turn and observe the moment of my mother's sacrifice. Remember it as I do. Take it into your heart and light the fires of my memory."
I'll light the braziers in the colors of your memory.
"Honor my mother's sacrifice and you will earn my blessing"

After you light all the braziers properly, there will be a flash of bright light and he will speak to you.

Divad Hunding: "Thank you for honoring my mother's memory. You have my blessing. Now you must seek out Makela Leki."


  • Though his reanimated skeleton is fought in the Valley of Blades, his burial chamber in the Hall of Heroes also has his skeleton sitting on a throne.
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