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Emperor Hira
Race Yokudan Gender Male
Reign 1E 737-
1E 780
Previous Ruler Randic Torn
Next Ruler Frandar Hunding
Resided in Yokuda

Emperor Hira was the "Last Emperor" of the Yokudan Empire. Upon rising to power, he began to persecute the Ansei, and eventually went to war with them for control of the empire.[1] The War of the Singers pitted the united Ansei under Frandar Hunding against Hira's armies, and after seven battles, the Ansei were victorious. They had been outnumbered thirty to one at the start of the battle, and twenty thousand Ansei remained standing by the end, suggesting that Hira's armies were composed of well over six hundred thousand troops. Over three hundred thousand people died at the final battle.[2] Divad Hunding aided his father in the defeat of the emperor.[3] Certain accounts suggest that Hira managed to wipe out the Ansei, even though he was defeated.[4][5][6] How the Last Emperor met his end is unknown.


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