Atoll of Immolation
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Public Dungeon
Discoverable No
Completion No
Quest Chain
The Deadlands, Blackwood
Accessible from Oblivion Portals
Other Buildings
Loading Screen
"Behold, the domain of the Puissant Flame Tryant [sic]! Behold the realm of fire and flood! By His will, are the mighty laid low! By his fury, the blood of Oblivion boils forevermore!"—Akalotho, Markynaz of the High Faith
The Atoll of Immolation

The Atoll of Immolation is a section of the Deadlands accessible from Oblivion Portals in Blackwood and the Deadlands. When a gate opens somewhere in either zone, you can enter it and will find yourself within this Public Dungeon.

The area consists of a ring of islands in a sea of lava, which are linked by portals. Your goal is to reach the Havocrel's Tower in the middle, where you can defeat the Duke of Storms and deactivate the machinary to complete the World Event.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Vinnus's ResearchBlackwood: Deliver the last words of a Fighters Guild member lost in the Deadlands.



After deactivating the machine, a chest will spawn, containing a variety of loot; such as:

  • Lead: Warm Asymmetrical Ruby



A heavy sack spawns on an altar at the forge on the island in the northwestern corner of the map.

Valley of the CataclystEdit


There are several achievements associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Defender of the Plane.png Defender of the Plane 5 Enter 1 Oblivion Portal and destroy the antecedent cataclyst machine you find there.
ON-icon-achievement-Portal Punisher.png Portal Punisher 10 Enter 10 Oblivion Portals and destroy the antecedent cataclyst machines you find there.
ON-icon-achievement-Multiplanar Devastator.png Multiplanar Devastator 15 Enter 30 Oblivion Portals and destroy the antecedent cataclyst machines you find there.
ON-icon-achievement-Lost in the Wilds.png Lost in the Wilds 10 Follow the clues to track down a very precious treasure.
ON-icon-achievement-Oblivion Obliterator.png Oblivion Obliterator 10 Defeat all the generals of the Oblivion Portals as they start their incursion.
ON-icon-achievement-Ruinach Rumble.png Ruinach Rumble 10 Defeat the Count of Cataclysms hidden in the Oblivion Portals.


  • While classified as a Public Dungeon, the Deadlands works differently from every other Public Dungeon released before it (including Imperial Sewers, which is also non-standard). There is no Skyshard, no completion objective, and no group event granting a Skill Point on completion. It also has more than a dozenhow many? points of entry scattered throughout the Blackwood and Deadlands zones, rather than one location. The bosses (other than Salosuum and Havocrel) are not fixed. The overall format is more akin to World Events like Dark Anchors or Harrowstorms.
  • This location was originally simply known as The Deadlands when it was added with the Blackwood chapter. It was later renamed to the Atoll of Immolation in Update 32.



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