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Bay Bridge
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Discoverable No
Northeast of Castle Bloodmayne
Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge is a bridge in southeastern Cyrodiil, northeast of Castle Bloodmayne, acting as a milegate between Dominion and Pact territories. The bridge is one of four crossing points on the Upper Niben, and one of three which can be destroyed. It forms a natural choke-point between the territories, which may result in occasional skirmishes between factions. It is a prime location for setting up ambushes against players traveling to the quest hub of Cropsford, and can be destroyed by Siege Weapons to prevent passage.

The gateways at either end of the bridge are open, and access to the top of the gatehouses is possible from the bridge side of the gates if they have not been destroyed. The bridge and gatehouses can be repaired with Bridge and Milegate Repair Kits, available from Siege Merchants.

A solitary mudcrab can be found in the flat dirt plane beneath the southern arch of the bridge, between the bridge house and the trail leading into the Southern Niben Valley. If you follow the path leading north from the bridge en route to Cropsford, you'll eventually find the path leading to the Homestead to the east and see Crown Point cresting the hill to the north.


  • If the bridge is destroyed, players can still cross the river using the goat path at Lunar Fang Docks.
  • This location was originally named Niben Bridge, prior to becoming destructible along with the other bridges and Milegates in Update 20.