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Apprentice Fialyn
Home Settlement Karthwasten
Race Reachman Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During After the Storm
Faction(s) Crow-Eye Clan
Apprentice Fialyn

Apprentice Fialyn is a Reachman apprentice to the shaman of the Crow-Eye Clan. She is located in Karthwasten.She also appears in the Announcement Hall in Understone Keep during Second Chances if you finished After the Storm.

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After the StormEdit

She can be found along the road leading into town as well as northwest of it, next to Witchborne Ritual Site. As you approach you can hear her mutter, "Oh, what new horror has that storm unleashed upon us now?"

Speak with her to see what has happened. Fialyn will be wary of you.

"Outsider, you approach Fialyn, apprentice shaman of the Crow-Eye clan. That cursed storm may have disrupted our wards, but make no mistake—this is still Reach land, defended by brave Reachfolk.
We will not give up without a fight."
I'm not here to fight. Tell me about this storm.
"It was horrible. I've never seen anything like it. A roiling mass of black and crimson. It exploded right above Karthwasten. When it hit my village, people changed. They turned … feral.
Ancestors guide me, but I don't know what to do."
You said the storm disrupted your wards?
"Wards blessed by the spirits that protect our village. The wards stopped the worst of the storm, but they must be restored. I tried to reach them, but the wilderness has become too dangerous.
I prayed for help. Did the spirits send you to aid me?"
I don't know about the spirits, but I'll help you if I can.

Once you agree to help, she will become your follower and you can head into Karthwastern. You can also continue talking with her and ask some questions.

"Meet me in Karthwasten so I can introduce you to my master, Shaman Ulvoch. He can explain the restoration process better than I. Besides, we need his blessing for you to aid me.
The spirits sent you. They answered my prayers. I'm sure of it!"
Tell me more about the storm.
"One moment the sky was clear, the next … it was unnatural! Swirling darkness, lightning. And it did things. Some of our people became mindless husks, but others turned into … monsters!
There's nothing left of them inside those creatures."

If you have not dealt with Harrowstorms previously, you can say:

No natural storm could do that.
"That's what I said—it's unnatural! It was unlike any magic of the Reach that I'm aware of. What that storm did to our people, it's an atrocity! Whatever created that storm has poisoned our land. There will be a reckoning."

If you have dealt with Harrowstorms, you can say:

They're called harrowfiends. I think the storm that hit Karthwasten was a harrowstorm.
"Harrowfiends? What a horrible yet fitting name. You know these things? Then you truly are the answer to my prayers.
What else can you tell me about harrowstorms?"
The storms aren't natural. Icereach witches summon the storms at the behest of the Gray Host.
"The Gray Host? We've heard of these invaders, but so far they've left our village alone. Until now, I guess.
I won't pretend to understand the whole of it … but this affront to the Reach and its people, there will be a reckoning."

Either way...

Tell me more about the wards that protect your village.
"As an outsider, you may not understand. The wards are dedicated to the most revered spirits of our clan. In exchange for offerings, they provide blessings.
Unfortunately, the storm disrupted the wards. The shaman sent me to restore them, but …."
You weren't able to restore them?
"No. Not with the feral villagers prowling the wilderness. I couldn't even get close to any of the wards.
Shaman Ulvoch can tell you more about what we need to do. I'm only an apprentice. He explains things much better than I do."

When you reach Shaman Ulvoch's House, Fialyn will stop outside the door as she wants a word before heading in:

Apprentice Fialyn: "We're here. Let's speak for a moment."

She wants to introduce you to Shaman Ulvoch.

"This is Karthwasten, outsider. I wish we could give you a proper welcome, but we still haven't recovered from the storm.
Shaman Ulvoch is just inside this building. I'll introduce you when we go inside."
Why do you want me to speak with Shaman Ulvoch?
"The spirits sent you to help us, I know it. But Shaman Ulvoch needs to judge for himself if you can hear our sacred rituals. And he needs to tell the rest of the village. My people distrust outsiders.
Things will go easier with his approval."
All right, I'll speak to the shaman.
"Then let's go inside. But let me talk first. With all that's happened, we wouldn't want him to curse you before I can explain your presence.
Just keep an open mind. Our ways are different from yours, outsider."

Once you follow her inside, she will speak to Shaman Ulvoch who stands by the firepit:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Shaman Ulvoch, I couldn't reach the wards, but I think this person can help us."
Shaman Ulvoch: "An outsider, I sense."
Apprentice Fialyn: "I believe the spirits sent them to us, master."
Shaman Ulvoch: "Do you? Wait outside, apprentice. I will speak to the outsider."
<Apprentice Fialyn goes outside.>

Speaking with Shaman Ulvoch, he will allow you to help Fialyn and further explains what offerings need to be gathered to restore the wards. After leaving his house Apprentice Fialyn can be found arguing with Eamon:

Eamon: "Isn't it obvious? Nocturnal has abandoned us!"
Apprentice Fialyn: "That's ridiculous, Eamon! We're going to restore the wards."
Eamon: "You put too much trust in this outsider, Fialyn."
Apprentice Fialyn: "The spirits sent them to help us."
Eamon: "First a storm, now an outsider. What plague will the spirits send next?"

While Fialyn will follow you once you leave the village, you have the option of speaking with her before you leave.

"So Shaman Ulvoch agreed to let you help me? Good, good.
I'll meet you outside the village and then we can gather the offerings for the wards."
So, what does a shaman's apprentice do exactly?
"Whatever the shaman tells me to, of course. I assist the shaman with every ritual and clan ceremony. I listen and observe. When Shaman Ulvoch passes, I'll take his place.
I hope that's a long time from now, for I still have so much to learn."
How did you become the shaman's apprentice?
"I pestered him until he selected me. I knew I wanted to serve the clan in this way. I've always felt particularly close to the spirits.
A shaman usually chooses their apprentice, but I petitioned Shaman Ulvoch around until he agreed to train me."
Who was that you were arguing with?
"That's Eamon, the first among our hunters. He's as fearsome as a Giant and just as thick-headed.
He's been up in arms since the storm. Seeing me bring you into the village hasn't calmed his disposition one bit."
Will he try to stop us from restoring the wards?
"I don't think so. For all his bravery and bluster, he hasn't volunteered to help me. But he won't try to stop us, either.
Like most of my people, trust doesn't come easily to Eamon. And with good reason. Most outsiders we meet do try to kill us."

Once you begin walking up the western path, Fialyn will join you. You will need to defend her from the harrowfiends and other creatures as you search. You can ask her about the offering you are gathering.

"Keep watch for the offerings we need, but remain alert for those monsters created by the storm. They prowl outside the village like hungry wolves in search of prey."
What's the significance of these specific offerings?
"Each offering has a different significance to each spirit. The most important aspect is that these materials have a connection to Karthwasten and the surrounding countryside.
They remind us of the bond we both share with this land."
Do the offerings hold power?
"Not in the way you're thinking. The power inside each offering comes from its connection to Karthwasten. Each is part of us and of the spirits. That's where the power lies."

Collecting the Cicada Husk, Willow Branch and Moon-Touched Stones, Fialyn will comment when you collect each one:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Perfect, that's just what we need."
Apprentice Fialyn: "There, those are what we need."
Apprentice Fialyn: "Careful, they're delicate."

Once you have all of them she will be ready for next part:

Apprentice Fialyn: "That's all of the offerings. Now we need to place them at the wards."

You will then need to find the four wards surrounding Karthwasten and place the offerings. You can ask Fialyn about dealing with the spirits as you walk.

"We need to place the offerings at the four wards. This will show the spirits we still honor them and will make it more likely they will listen when Shaman Ulvoch performs the restoration ritual.
You place the offerings. I'll say the words."
Tell me more about the significance of the offerings. (Appears once you have placed an offering)
"In many ways, our dealings with the spirits are not unlike making a trade with a merchant or another clan.
The offerings represent our part in the negotiation."
What are you negotiating for?
"The Crow-Eye clan has a different relationship with each spirit. Some give us guidance. Others provide protection. These offerings remind them that we're a part of this land.
If they do their part, we'll do ours."

After you place an offering at one of the wards, Fialyn will begin to pray to the spirit that is associated with that particular ward:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Namira, spirit of decay and ancient darkness, accept our humble offering and protect our mortal souls."
Apprentice Fialyn: "Nocturnal, spirit of the night, accept this offering and send your crows to guard us."
Apprentice Fialyn: "Hircine, spirit of the hunt, accept this offering and make our bounty plentiful."
Apprentice Fialyn: "Molag Bal, spirit of torment and trouble, accept this and teach us to endure the struggle."

As each offering is accepted, the wards will be covered in blue light. With the final offering, Fialyn will run off in the direction of Karthwasten:

Apprentice Fialyn: "The offerings have been placed. Let's return to Shaman Ulvoch."

You will find Fialyn in the center of the village along with Shaman Ulvoch and Eamon and other Crows-Eye clansmen. They will be arrayed around a large pyre which is flanked by four carved wooden pillars. Fialyn will announce her arrival:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Shaman Ulvoch, we're back. The offerings have been placed at the wards."

Talking with her before Ulvoch:

"Speak with Shaman Ulvoch. Let him know the offerings have been placed and everything is ready for him to start the ritual."

When you talk with Shaman Ulvoch, he will thank you for the help and asks that you present yourself the pyre to complete the bargaining with the spirits. Fialyn will assure you if you talk to her once more.

"Go ahead, lend yourself to the ritual. Don't be afraid. It won't hurt."

Standing before the pyre, Shaman Ulvoch will recite the ritual's words. Black smoke will emerge from the pyre and the ground will momentarily shake. From the peoples' reaction, this wasn't supposed to happen.

"Something's wrong. That wasn't supposed to happen.
Quickly, speak with Shaman Ulvoch. He might know more."

According to Ulvoch, something disrupted the ritual and disturbed the spirits greatly, causing them to lash out. He asks you to check the pyre for clues and show what you find to Fialyn. At this, Eamon will have his own words to say:

Eamon: "The spirits abandoned us, Fialyn! We need to leave this place!"
Apprentice Fialyn: "No! I oversaw the placing of the offerings myself! It should have worked!"
Eamon: "Of course it failed! You involved an outsider!"
Apprentice Fialyn: "Something must be interfering with the ritual!"

You have the option of talking with her. She will verify that you and her performed the offerings correctly.

"I've never seen Shaman Ulvoch so troubled. I don't blame him. Something is very wrong here. The ritual didn't just fail, it reacted in a way I've never seen before.
There has to be some kind of explanation."
Did we do something wrong?
"No, we did everything right. There has to be something interfering with the ritual itself. The offerings were made. Something else is at work here.
Do what the shaman asked. Examine the ritual pyre and see if you spot anything unusual."

Looking around at the base of the pyre, you will find odd plant remains. When you bring them to Fialyn, she will recognize them.

"Did you find anything to explain why the ritual failed?"
I found these unusual plants around the ritual pyre.
"I recognize these. They're from a plant that grows beneath Karthwasten. These look wrong, though. Corrupted.
This must be what caused the ritual to fail. But how did they get into the ritual pyre?"
You said it grows under Karthwasten?
"Yes. It grows in nearby caves and down in the Sanuarach Mine."
Karthwasten has a mine?
"Before we reclaimed Karthwasten for our clan, outsiders built deep tunnels to exploit the land. The Crow-Eye have no interest in such things, so we left them abandoned.
My people mostly avoid the place, truth be told."
Maybe we should go and take a look.
"I agree. If this plant caused our restoration ritual to fail, who knows what other evil it can be used for.
Let's investigate the old mine. There's an entrance just to the north of the village."
This looks like a form of netherroot. The Gray Host uses it for their rituals.
"This isn't like the plant I've seen before. It seems contaminated in some way.
It grows in nearby caves and down in the Sanuarach Mine. I wonder if that's the source of this corrupted plant?"

Before you leave, Eamon will suggest that he goes investigating the mine with you.

Eamon: "I'll go to the mine with the outsider."
Apprentice Fialyn: "No, Eamon. I'm the shaman's eyes. I need to do this."
<She turns to you.>
Apprentice Fialyn: "Meet me at the mine, outsider. We need to find the source of this corruption."

Head over to the entrance of Sanuarach Mine, Fialyn will meet you inside:

Apprentice Fialyn: "It smells of blood and rot in here. Let's be ready for anything."

Speaking with her, she'll suggest investigating deeper in the mine.

"Can you smell it? Something foul and acrid. There's something sinister down here. We must be on the right track.
The source of the contaminated root has to be down here somewhere. Let's scout farther ahead."

Soon you will find that the mine is occupied by Gray Host forces. Eventually you will find a netherroot plant being tended to by the vampires.

Apprentice Fialyn: "What are these outsiders doing down here?"

Speak with Fialyn and she will quickly devise a plan.

"These Gray Host bastards. Under our very feet this entire time!
They're tending to the plant. They must be the ones corrupting it!"
You never noticed the Gray Host working around here?
"We've seen them prowling the countryside, but down here in the mine? No. They must have come from deeper underground.
However they got down here, we have to put a stop to this."
What do you want to do?
"Let's burn all traces of this plant. And we should knock down a few of the pillars holding up the roof. A mine as old as this, that should cause enough damage to drive the Gray Host out."
The Gray Host uses netherroot to power their harrowstorms. Greymoor
"You're saying they used this plant to create that storm that started all this? Even more reason to put a stop to whatever they're doing down here."

You will need to search the mine for other netherroot vines and burn them down. Fialyn will cheer you on as you do so:

"Burnt to cinders!"
"Good work."
"Foul thing! Burn!"

Speaking with her during this:

"I'm sure if we burn all traces of the plant and find a way to prevent these reekers from using the mine, we can attempt the restoration ritual again. Karthwasten will be saved.
Come on, let's keep moving."

Once you have burnt the netherroot you will need to drive the Gray Host out by bringing down the ceiling. When you reach the deepest chamber of the mine, Fialyn will remind you of your other objective:

Apprentice Fialyn: "If we take out those pillars, it should damage the mine enough to halt the Gray Host."

Find the weak supports in the chamber and destroy them as well as killing the Pentarch heading the operation. With the final support broken, you can head outside and meet with Fialyn at the pyre, where she is announcing your success:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Shaman Ulvoch, the corruption has been dealt with!"

Speaking with her before Shaman Ulvoch, she will ask you to explain what you did to Ulvoch.

"Tell Shaman Ulvoch we eradicated the corrupted plants. He should be able to complete the ritual of restoration now."

Upon hearing your news, Shaman Ulvoch will have you take your place in front of the Pyre once more.

"Shaman Ulvoch told you to offer yourself at the pyre again, did he? Go on, the ritual will work this time. We have to trust what we did was enough."

He will perform the ritual of restoration once more and this time it will work. The pyre will catch fire and in the sky, green and purple light will appear in the direction of the wards. You can then speak with Apprentice Fialyn.

"The ritual, it worked! The last remnants of the storm seem to be cleared away … the worst of it is finally behind us. And thanks to you, we have our natural defenses in place again.
Karthwasten is safe again."
Will the Crow-Eye clan recover from the effects of that unnatural storm?
"Now that our wards are back in place, I think so. We still need to deal with the remaining villagers who turned feral. But we collapsed part of the mine, so we shouldn't have any more trouble from that direction."
Do you still think the spirits sent me to help you?
"Oh, I'm more certain of that than ever! I asked for help and the spirits provided. The fact that they sent an outsider … that gives me and the clan something to think about.
Not everything outside this village is dark and dangerous, I suppose."
So Karthwasten is safe now?
"As safe as it can be. Here, my friend. This is for you. You may not be Crow-Eye by blood, but you are now connected to us and our land.
The spirits sent you for a reason. I'm just grateful you heard them and answered their call."

With the completion of the quest, you can overhear a conversation between Eamon and Fialyn, where the former admits he was wrong:

Eamon: "Fialyn, you refused my counsel at great risk to us all."
Apprentice Fialyn: "Aye, Eamon. I did. You were wrong. This is our home. We couldn't abandon it."
Eamon: "I … Fialyn, I'm sorry. You and the outsider made things right."

You can speak with Fialyn again before you leave.

"The storm tested us, as life tests us. We survived to hunt another day, and none of us will take that for granted."
Do you still think the spirits sent me to help you?
"Now more than ever, my friend! They also sent you to show the Crow-Eye that not all outsiders seek to do us harm.
Some wounds are very deep and very old, but you proved yourself as one of us. That would have been unthinkable before the storm."
With your wards restored, will your village recover?
"I believe so. Thanks to you. You may not be Crow-Eye in blood, but you are in spirit. You're an outsider to us no longer.
You will always have a home here. You helped us in our time of need. I won't let anyone forget that."

Second ChancesEdit

She appears in the Announcement Hall in Understone Keep during Second Chances if you finished After the Storm before. She is accompanied by Eamon and Shaman Ulvoch. You can talk to her:

"It's good to see you, friend. It seems we of the Reach owe much to you."
How's Karthwasten?
"Now that it's free of the vampire's pall, Karthwasten thrives. The Crow-Eye clan will always remember what you did for us."