Understone Keep
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Discoverable Yes
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Owned Yes
The Reach
Understone Keep

Understone Keep is a seat of the Ard in Markarth. It can be accessed through the main entrance in western Markarth. When you enter the building, you have three options: head north, head south, or continue west. Traveling north brings you to the Announcement Hall, which is unlocked during the last epilogue quest, and remains accessible after the quest is complete. If you head south, you'll reach Nchuand-Zel. After a certain point in Story Quest progression, the entrance to Nchuand-Zel becomes unlocked, connecting the building with a section of the Blackreach caverns. A copy of Legend of Arkthzand is sitting on a side table in the north side of this room. A copy of the lore book, Nords of Skyrim, is located in a pavilion along the eastern wall.

Moving west brings you to the ard's throne room. A book titled Politics of the Reach is on a table sitting against the southern wall. Walking up the stairs and entering the room right to the north of this chamber will bring you to the kitchen. The room west of the kitchen contains a copy of the lore book, Varieties of Faith: The Nords and a master safebox. Heading further west brings you to a planning room with a table in the center. There is a pile of coins which you can steal on the table.

South of the throne room lies a gathering place for guests, where a bard is playing. A master safebox is sitting on the floor next to a bed in the southeastern corner of the room. The hallway west of the entrance to the bard's room brings you to a large, well-decorated bedroom with a view of the river running through the ruins.

Understone Keep during evening

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