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Shaman Ulvoch
(lore page)
Home Settlement Karthwasten
House Shaman Ulvoch's House
Race Reachman Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Crow-Eye Clan
Shaman Ulvoch

Shaman Ulvoch is a Reachman shaman of the Crow-Eye Clan who can be found in his house in Karthwasten. He also appears in the Announcement Hall in Understone Keep during Second Chances if you finished After the Storm.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

After the StormEdit

After meeting with Apprentice Fialyn, she will explain that Karthwasten was hit by a strange storm which killed people or turned them into monsters. Once you agree to help her restore the wards, she will bring you to Shaman Ulvoch's home to speak with him.

Once you follow Fialyn inside, she will speak to Shaman Ulvoch who stands by the firepit:

Apprentice Fialyn: "Shaman Ulvoch, I couldn't reach the wards, but I think this person can help us."
Shaman Ulvoch: "An outsider, I sense."
Apprentice Fialyn: "I believe the spirits sent them to us, master."
Shaman Ulvoch: "Do you? Wait outside, apprentice. I will speak to the outsider."
<Apprentice Fialyn goes outside.>

You can introduce yourself to Ulvoch and learn more about what must be done to restore the wards.

"Come, outsider, let me feel your spirit ….
I sense no deception. I think you may be able to help us. Since my apprentice trusts you, I will as well. The Crow-Eye clan needs aid. There are evils in this land that we cannot defeat on our own."
Apprentice Fialyn said she needed help restoring the village's wards.
"I was afraid she would run into trouble, but she's a good apprentice. One I find myself leaning on more and more since my sight left me and age has taken its toll.
There are four wards, each dedicated to one of our revered spirits."
How do we restore the wards?
"You must bring an offering of nature and earth to each of the wards.
The fallen branches of willow trees, for they represent the fragility of life. Rocks bathed in moonlight, for purity. And husks of the cicada, for they represent rebirth."
That sounds simple enough.
"Placing the offerings at the four wards isn't the hard part. Gathering them and dealing with whatever prowls our homeland is.
Keep each other safe and Apprentice Fialyn will guide you through the restoration process once you gather the offerings."

You can then ask Shaman Ulvoch some questions about the wards and the spirits.

What's the purpose of the wards?
"The spirits we revere follow their own whims. We have an understanding, however. As long as we make our offerings in good faith, the spirits provide their blessings.
With the wards restored, prey becomes bountiful and our village remains secure."
The spirits help you because you bribe them?
"We bargain with them, outsider. We maintain the balance between the land and the spirit world, make our offerings, and then trust the spirits to answer in kind.
Once you make the offerings, return here and I will complete the ritual of restoration."
So to restore the wards, we're doing some kind of magic ritual?
"You see the world with different eyes, outsider. Magic is a word used by cowards who fear its power or fools who think they can control it. We are connected to the land. Nothing more, nothing less.
The restoration process is a ritual, though, yes."
Tell me more about the spirits your clan reveres.
"Revere may be too strong a word. Our relationship with the spirits relies on negotiation. On giving and receiving what is expected.
We look to the great spirit Nocturnal for guidance, but our wards honor Hircine, Molag Bal, and Namira as well."
Those aren't spirits, they're Daedric Princes. I've dealt with them before. / Nocturnal and the others aren't spirits. They're Daedric Princes. I've dealt with them before.
"I have heard the spirits called by that name. It doesn't change who they are or our relationship to them.
The spirits cannot be judged by mortal standards. All we can do is bargain with them, appease them, and use whatever blessings they provide."

You can backtrack towards him before you gather the offerings and he will say:

"Go with Apprentice Fielyn and gather the offerings. You should be able to find around the old tower, right outside the village.
Return to me after you place the offerings at the four wards. Then I will complete the restoration ritual.

You can then head outside and head to the hills and ruined tower to the west with Apprentice Fialyn to collect the necessary offerings. Afterwards you can place them at the wards where Fialyn will beseech the spirits and by all accounts it looks successful. She will then return to Shaman Ulvoch to tell him the news. You will find Fialyn in the center of the village along with Shaman Ulvoch and Eamon and other Crows-Eye clansmen. They will be arrayed around a large pyre which is flanked by four carved wooden pillars. Speak with Shaman Ulvoch.

"I sense the outsider has returned. And I feel energy flowing through the land.
I suspect you and my apprentice were successful in your task. Am I correct in this assumption?"
We gathered the offerings and placed them at the wards.
"On behalf of the Crow-Eye clan, I thank you outsider. I can feel the energy flowing through the wards like water. Now I may perform the ritual and restore what the storm took from us.
But I require your help one last time, my friend."
What do you need me to do?
"Since you made the offerings, I must ask you to present yourself at the ritual pyre. The spirits began this negotiation with you, so you must complete it.
You are a part of Karthwasten now, and it is a part of you."
I'll present myself at the ritual pyre.

If you speak with him before going to the pyre, he will assure you.

"Go now, approach the pyre and make the offering. I promise no harm will come to you.
I will begin the ritual."

When you stand before the pyre and begin to pray, Shaman Ulvoch will begin to utter the words for the ritual of restoration:

<Shaman Ulvoch bows his head down and prays.>
Shaman Ulvoch: "We are the land and the land is us. Spirits, accept our offering and restore our wards!"
Shaman Ulvoch: "Karthwasten belongs to the Reach!"
<Thick black smokes emerges from the wood pyre and the ground momentarily shakes.>
Shaman Ulvoch: "Something has gone wrong! Outsider, come speak to me!"

The results are not what was expected, Shaman Ulvoch will further explain what he felt when you talk to him.

"I don't understand. The ritual … failed. I've never felt such darkness, such fury. How is this possible?"
Something went wrong with the restoration ritual.
"Yes, but I don't know why the ritual failed.
It was as if the spirits lashed out at us. Something disturbed the natural process, but I have no idea what that could be."
What can I do to help?
"Be my eyes, outsider. Examine the ritual pyre and see if anything strikes you as odd or out of place. I sense something … but I cannot put my finger on what it is.
If you find anything, show it to Apprentice Fialyn. She may be able to identify it."
I'll see what I can find.

Speaking with him again before investigating the pyre.

"Please, examine the ritual pyre for me. Tell me what you find. I need to compose myself for what comes next."

When you search around the pyre, you will find twisted plant remains of roots, vines and tendrils.

"You found something? Show it to Apprentice Fialyn. See what she can make of it."

Apprentice Fialyn will identify them as coming from a plant that can be found in the nearby Sanuarach Mine, but they appear to have been corrupted in some way. You may recognize them as Netherroot which is used by the Gray Host and Icereach Coven. Fialyn will then decide to go with you to investigate the mine. Ulovch will have overheard and wishes you luck.

"I heard what you and my apprentice talked about. If something or someone has corrupted that plant so much that it can cause our rituals to fail … you must find the source of this corruption.
May the spirits walk with you, outsider."

In the Sanuarach Mine, you will soon find members of the Gray Host and they appear to be tending to the netherroot. Apprentice Fialyn's plan at this point will be to burn the netherroot plants and drive the vampires out by destroying the mine's support beams. When your mission is a success, you can follow Fialyn outside where she will return to Shaman Ulvoch beside the pyre. Talk with him to explain what you found and did.

"The land, it sighs in relief. Whatever you and Fialyn did, it made everything whole again, I can feel it."
We destroyed the corrupted plants. You should be able to complete the ritual now.
"Excellent. Then let's not waste time. The sooner the ritual is completed, the safer Karthwasten will be.
If we might enlist your help one last time, my friend."
What do you need?
"As before, present yourself at the ritual pyre. You are more deeply woven into this land and its survival than ever. Quickly now, let's finish this and restore the wards."
I'll present myself at the ritual pyre.

If you try and talk with him again he will warn you.

"Do not tarry here, outsider. The rest of my clan takes a dim view of those not of the Reach."

Present yourself to the pyre and Shaman Ulvoch will attempt the ritual once more:

Shaman Ulvoch: "The corruption is gone and Karthwasten endures."
Shaman Ulvoch: "We ask the spirits to once more bless and defend our home."
<The pyre catches alight and green and purple lights can be seen in the sky.>
Shaman Ulvoch: "I feel power returning to the wards. The spirits stand with us once more!"

If you speak with Shaman Ulovoch he will tell you to talk to Fialyn first.

"The ritual was a success and the Karthwasten wards have been restored. Once again, the spirits and the Crow-Eye clan are in alignment. We owe you a great debt.
Speak with Apprentice Fialyn. She shall reward you for the help you provided this day."

After you have received your reward, you can talk with Shaman Ulvoch some more.

"I did not think an outsider would be the one to save the Crow-Eye, but I am grateful to you. Know that you will always have a home here."
Will the Crow-Eye rebuild Karthwasten now?
"You misunderstand. There is no rebuilding to be done. The structures here are echoes left over from those who did not belong. We won't knock them down, but we have no need to add to them.
Karthwasten provides for its children. We need nothing else."
What happens if someone else tries to take Karthwasten for themselves?
"We will fight. We have the protection of the wards once more, and the strength of knowing we conquered a grand test here today. If we need to defend Karthwasten again, we will gladly do so."

Second ChancesEdit

He appears in the Announcement Hall in Understone Keep during Second Chances if you finished After the Storm before. He is accompanied by Apprentice Fialyn and Eamon. You can talk to him:

"The Crow-Eye once again have a reason to look at you in admiration, outsider."
How do the Crow-Eye fare?
"Well, thank you. Karthwasten knows the favor of Daedra once more, and the air no longer reeks of the storm. Our home is at peace, as are we."


  • Ulvoch is blind. You can enter stealth right in front of him without difficulty and freely loot items around him without being witnessed.