Online:A Foe Most Porcine (quest)

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Perform feats of Porcine Pugilism at the Festival Arena.
Zone: Stormhaven
Quest Giver: A Foe Most Porcine flyer
Location(s): Hammerdeath Arena, Festival Arena
Concurrent Quest: The King's Spoils
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6622
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
"Presenting, the Emperor of Effluence, the Patron of Porkers, the Saint of Swine: King Boar!"
This quest is only available during the Jester's Festival
I received an invitation from Jester King Emeric to enter some kind of competition at the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Rozette the Rapscallion in Stormhaven.
  2. Enter the Festival Arena and defeat King Boar.
  3. Talk to Rozette outside.

Detailed WalkthoughEdit

Flyers entitled A Foe Most Porcine can be found on posts near near Jester's Festival tents in Auridon, Glenumbra, Stonefalls or at the Hammerdeath Arena. Upon reading it, you'll find it is both a proclamation and invitation from Jester King Emeric to fight with something called "King Boar" at the Hammerdeath Arena. Upon reading the flyer you will automatically start the quest and will receive a King Boar Invitational in your inventory. You are to present this invitation to one Rozette the Rapscallion.

Travel to Stormhaven to find the Hammerdeath Arena, the closest wayshrine to this location is the Soulshriven Wayshrine and then follow the road north from there. Once at the arena look for Rozette, she is on a wooden platform overlooking the outdoor arena and dressed in a purple and gold jester outfit. Speaking with her, she will immediately smell the invitation and will tell you what you are here for. You are to fight the conjured King Boar, a massive Bristleback for a prize. You can complain about the lack of a compelling motivation if you wish.

After you agree to fight, you can go northwest from Rozette and enter the doors to the Festival Arena, an underground arena which was hired by the Jester Court for the event. Once inside, the King's Herald will announce his king, who wakes up and walks to the middle of the arena. There are a few mechanics in the fight. Firstly Prince Boars will periodically enter the arena to fight alongside the king, following an announcement by one of the Prince's Herald. Though weak, they can knock you around. Secondly, throughout the fight the Arena Handlers will fill a bucket full of Fermented Mudcrab Apples and call the King over to eat (the buckets glow bright red when they've been filled). If he manages to eat them, the boar will gain a buff. If you are also doing The King's Spoils for Jad'zirri, you can take the opportunity to grab the apples for her. Otherwise, taking the apples will just prevent King Boar from getting buffed up.

Once King Boar is slain, you can leave the Festival Arena and return to Rozette:

"Whew, even the swine stench is just like the real thing. You smell like you just had a bath in pig sweat. And guts. And—well you get the idea. I think the conjurers are having a laugh at your expense."
Can I have my prize now?
"Oh, right. Joy unto Tamriel, the tyrant King of Pork now wallows with the dead, his haunches and hoard divided among the heroic and the hungry, his head hung on high as hallmark of his hubris!
Here's your cut, and your cuts! They're real, I swear!"

You will receive a Jester's Festival Box and some gold.

Quest StagesEdit

A Foe Most Porcine
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rozette the Rapscallion has more information about this competition I've been invited to participate in.
Objective: Talk to Rozette the Rapscallion
Rozette the Rapscallion informed me that I'm officially entered to participate in bouts with King Boar. Now I need to defeat him to claim my prize.
Objective: Defeat King Boar
☑Finishes quest I defeated King Boar in the arena. I should see Rozette the Rapscallion for my reward.
Objective: Talk to Rozette the Rapscallion